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Dryl Happy ho EVEI Dry Naps EVERYDAY L9-14 S 3-8kg HUGGIES M HUGGIES gold pants HUGGIES HUGGIES GOLD DISPOSABLE PANTS JUMBO PACK 38/44/50/62 per pack HUGGIES R170 DryNaps R175 per pack R169 DRYNAPS EVERYDAY DISPOSABLE NAPPIES SAVE R28,99 all variants 100 per pack WITH CARD TRAT SAVINGS CLUB HUGGIES gold 3 GOLD VALUE PACK NAPPIES 42/44/50/58 per pack TRA SAVINGS CLUB DryNaps 80 Infacare Juice Infcare juice Nost Cerelac Nad Cerelac 6 FOR R90 R15/UNIT DRYNAPS BABY WIPES SAVE R17,94 WITH CARD all variants 6x80 per pock XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 6 x 200ml R63 R10,50/UNIT INFACARE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND all variants 6x200ml per pack SAVE R3,39 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB 6 x 250g R240 R40/UNIT NESTLÉ CERELAC BABY CEREAL SAVE R15,99 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB all variants 6x250g per pack Securex Securex 4 x 175g R36 Securex Securex SECUREX BATH SOAP EQUIVALENT UNIT 4x175g PRICE R9 per pack Protex Herbal Colgate Gel Clen Protex Colgate Gel Clere Colgate Gel Dot Varde Dolly Varden CLERE CLERE R27% PURE PETROLEUM JELLY 250ml Protex 12 x 150g R154 [QUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R12,83 PROTEX BATH SOAP all variants 12x150g per pack Colgate Gel 12 x 100ml 2325 50 COLGATE ORIGINAL/ GEL/HERBAL EQUIVALENT UNIT TOOTHPASTE PRICE R19,38 12x100ml per pack 6 x 100ml R94 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R15,67 DOLLY VARDEN GLYCERINE 6x100ml per pack CLERE HAND & R125 BODY LOTION all variants 6x300ml/400ml per pack HIVEA MEN HIVEA MEN 6 x 250ml R254 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R42,33 NIVEA HAND & BODY LOTION all variants 6x250ml per pack Shiny Black Shiny Black 2 FOR R45 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R22,50 STA-SOF-FRO SHINY BLACK PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR CREAM 2x25ml PLAYGIRL/ PLAYBOY PLAYGIRL/ PLAYBOY R85 Pa ROLL-ON all variants 6x50ml per pack PLAYBO PLAYGIRL DEODORANT Stayfree MAGRS Stayfree 10 MAXT Easy Waves Easy Waves sbeen Cart Activator Picerine CVENGRONG GUALITY CAMILES 4500 Prom 24 per pack 114 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R4,75 PROMISE WRAPPED TOILET ROLLS 24 per pack RHINO Sunlight Zin GARNIER R155 MEN 10 all variants 6x90ml per pack PLAYBOY R159 DEODORANT all variants 6x150ml per pack 6 x 50ml R119 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R19,43 GARNIER ROLL-ON FOR LADIES/MEN all variants 6x50ml per pack PREEM ASTRA PREEM cabal an DREEM PREEM PREEM LAUNDRY R12 4 x 8/10s R56 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R14 STAYFREE MAXI SANITARY PADS 4x8/10 per pack 2 FOR R76 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R38 EASY WAVES STYLE GEL & COMB OUT CONDITIONER HAIRSPRAY COMBO 2x250ml 12 x 450g R350 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R29,17 NEWDEN CANDLES all variants 12x450g per pack RHINO 12 x 50ml R135 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE 11,25 Sun Sunlight UNBEAT UNBEATABLE 6 x 400ml R114 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R19 SUNLIGHT LEMON DISHWASHING LIQUID 6x400ml per pack 10 x 50ml R54 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R5,40 Affordable Healthcare Made Easy Panado SOAP 500g PREEM ASTRA ORIGINAL BLUE SOAP 1kg MADUBULA NEWDEN HOUSEHOLD DISINFECTANT 10x50ml per pack R27 JIK JIK Albe Albex HAN AND CRE HANDY ANDY 6 x 500ml R95 JIK BLEACH 6x500ml EQUIVALENT UNIT per pack PRICE R15,83 6 x 1,5 R109 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R18,17 ALBEX BLEACH all variants 6x1,5 per pack 5 x 750ml 125 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R25 HANDY ANDY CREAM ALL PURPOSE CLEANER 5x750ml per pack RHINO BLACK SHOE POLISH 12x50ml 6x500g+ 100g *109 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R18,107 2kg SUNLIGHT 2in1 WASHING POWDER 6x500g+ 100g per pack SunligSunlight 144 x 125g R839 SUNLIGHT MILD & GENTLE LAUNDRY EQUIVALENT UNIT SOAP BAR 144x125g PRICE R5,82 per pack stdor Staft 18 x 500ml R459 STA-SOFT FABRIC SOFTENER REFILL EQUIVALENT UNIT all variants PRICE R25,50 18x500ml per pack BAGHTSON 1x 2kg R49 Health SURF REGULAR HAND WASHING POWDER 2kg 38 per pack R30 PANADO REGULAR PAEDIATRIC SYRUP 50ml 38 per pack R69 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R1,82 GRAND-PA HEADACHE POWDERS GRAND-PA HEADACHE POWDERS 38 par pack SUPER VALUE 1x 750ml+250ml R82 DETTOL ANTISEPTIC LIQUID COMBO 750ml+250ml 15 per pack 118 SANITOZE MENTHOL CHEST RUB EQUIVALENT UNIT 14g PRICE R7,87 WHOLESALE TRADE CREDIT APPLY IN-STORE! *Ask the manager Keep your money safe with a MoneyMarket with Mong. account Page 4 NOW AVAILABLE UP TO 30 DAYS INTEREST-FREE • No monthly fees No transaction fees Flexible payment terms Spend in-store at: SHOPRITE 36 x 7g R199 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE RS,53 SHOPRITE Cash & Carry Buy BIG Save BIG TRADERCARD WHOLESALE TRADE CREDIT 0123 4567 8901 2345 08/21 18/26 UNIVERSAL Checkers save ZAM-BUK OINTMENT 36x7g por pack oppes HGT WH add aika 12 per pack R275 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R22,92 Sisuawai LENNON DROPS all variants 12x20ml per pack TRADING HOURS 8:00-17:00 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8:00 - 17:00 8:00 - 17:00 8:00-17:00 8:00-17:00 8:00 - 15:00 SUNDAY 9:00 - 13:00 9:00 - 13:00 Free cash deposits. No monthly fees. O Register in-store, dial *120*3534#, WhatsApp 087 240 5709 or download the Shoprite app. Money Marker Account as a division of Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd, with banking services provided by Grindrod Bonk Ltd. Both are authorised FSPs. Ts & Cropply OFFERS VALID FROM MONDAY I APRIL 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 14 APRIL 2024. WHILE STOCKS LAST, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES TRADERS WELCOME VAT INCLUDED, ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED. CUSTOMER CARE LINE 0800 01 07 09 TOLL FREE) PUBLIC HOLIDAYS Prices apply to Shoprite Cash & Carry Vryburg, Ficksburg, Springs, Vosloorus, Nelspruit and Pretoria West. 999 GNFOSWCYTY/E

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