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1kg 500g WHITE STAR MyLife Huletts 750ml 500g NOLA 2kg Crown RICE SUPER 2,5kg WHITE SUPER MAIZE MEAL ALL 5 FOR 79 dife HULETTS WHITE SUGAR 500g + WHITE STAR SUPER MAIZE MEAL 1kg + D'LITE PURE COOKING OIL 750ml + MY LIFE MAIZE PORRIDGE Spekko ALL 5 FOR SAVE R37 WITH CARD XTRA TRA SAVINGS CLUB all variants 500g each + SPEKKO PARBOILED RICE 1kg 1kg R99 NOLA ORIGINAL MAYONNAISE 750g + CAPE POINT SHREDDED TUNA IN OIL/BRINE 4x170g SAVINGS CLUB CROWN MEDIUM GRAIN RICE 2kg+ SUPER WHITE SUPER MAIZE MEAL 2,5kg + D'UITE PURE COOKING OIL 2! 1kg 2 WHITE STAR SUPER MAIZE ME 1kg 500g 500g WHITE TAR INSTANT IMBO SAMP EANS MACAROM 400g 410g ALL 3 FOR R99 Your meir STRATE SAVINGS CLUB Jite ALL FOR R99 KOO XTRA SAVINGS CLUB MR. PASTA MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI 2x500g + SALDANHA PILCHARDS IN TOMATO CHILLI SAUCE 400g each + IMBO SAMP & BEANS 500g + WHITE STAR SUPER MAIZE MEAL all variants kg each + WHITE STAR INSTANT MAIZE PORRIDGE 1kg + KOO BAKED BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE 410g NES CCC Ce Cerelac SAVE W HUGGIES dry comfort SHOPRITE Baby 4 x 110ml R39 R9,75/UNIT DE-USH BABY FOOD POUCH all variants 4x110ml 6 x 250g 6 x 250ml SAVE R13 WITH CARD SAVE R45 WITH CARD XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 19999 R33,33/UNIT NESTLÉ CERELAC BABY CEREAL all variants 6x250g XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 18999 R31,67/UNIT VASELINE BLUE SEAL ORIGINAL PURE SAVE R80 WITH CARD PETROLEUM JELLY 6x250ml TRA SAVINGS CLUB per pack 17999 HUGGIES GOLD/DRY COMFORT DISPOSABLE NAPPIES 50/58/60/66/76/94 per pack Colgate Herbal 2 x 100ml R36 R18/UNIT COLGATE HERBAL TOOTHPASTE 2x100ml SAVE R18 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB Securex Securex Secre 4 x 175g R36 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R9 Securex ecurex SECUREX BATH SOAP all variants 4x175g Shi Shi St Shi Shie Shield 6 x 50ml 12499 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R20,83 SHIELD ROLL-ON FOR LADIES/MEN all variants 6x50ml Cle Clere 6 x 300ml 129 99 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R21,67 Clere CLERE HAND & BODY LOTION/ CREAM all variants 6x300ml 6 x 250ml 19999 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R33,33 SOFNFREE RELAXER/OLIVE OIL MOISTURISER 6x250ml BEEEED MA MAMA MAMA MAQ 6 x 200ml 5999 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE RIO MAQ DISHWASHING LIQUID 6x200ml Sunlight Sunlight Sunlight Sunlight 5 x 500g SAVE R26 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS R89 R17,80/UNIT SUNLIGHT MILD & GENTLE LAUNDRY SOAP BAR 5x500g CLUB each R19 DUSTPAN & BRUSH SET/ TOILET BRUSH SET each 15 BUDGET BASIN 32cm/ BUCKET 9 all variants each 40 each R30 ENGEN 20W-50 MULTIGRADE MOTOR OIL 500ml each R25 ENGEN PREMIUM 40 MOTOR OIL 500ml MAQ MAQ WASHING POWDER MAQ MAQ MAO MAQ 5 kg Value P 5kg 99€ WCFOSWCXSA/E ING SUPER STAIN 5 x 250g 5499 EQUIVALENT UNIT PRICE R10,99 HAND MAQ WASHING POWDER 5x250g 4 x 500ml R85 R21.25/UNIT MAQ FABRIC SOFTENER all variants 4x500ml SAVE R15 WITH CARD XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 1x 5kg 9999 SURF HAND WASHING POWDER 5kg BON MOYAGE each R99 BON VOYAGE ALUMINIUM CASSEROLE POT BE per set R280 ZEBRA CATERING SET 13/21/ each R199 ESSENTIALS WHITE SPIRAL DOUBLE HOTPLATE each R850 ESSENTIALS MINI OVEN 246 Valid until 7 April 2024 in-store. Ts & Cs apply. knect mobile 1GB 60-day validity NOW R 19 .50 Buy and RICA your k'nect mobile SIM card in-store. Port and keep your number! R WAS knect Deposit cash for FREE into MoneyMarket account Shop and spend in-store. Register in-store, or on the Shoprite app Soon here to downlood. Money Mark Account is a division of Shoprits Chackers (Pty) Ltd (FSF7532) with banking services provided by Grindrod Bank Ind (FSPS1). T&Cs apply. OFFERS VALED FROM MONDAY 11 MARCH 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 7 APRIL 2024. WHILE STOCKS LAST. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES TRADERS WELCOME VAT INCLUDED. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED. CUSTOMER CARE UNE 0800 01 07 09 (TOLL-FREE) Prices apply to Shoprite Cash & Carry Philippi only. Page 4

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