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Pick n Pay catalogue - 05.03.2021 - 05.09.2021 - page 10 - NO LONGER VALID *

Pick n Pay catalogue - 05.03.2021 - 05.09.2021 - page 10 - NO LONGER VALID *

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Pick n Pay catalogue  - 05.03.2021 - 05.09.2021 - Sales products - Philips, instant noodles, noodles, kitchen towels, paper towels, detergent, Domestos, cream cleaner, bleach, cleaner, stain remover, Vanish, fabric conditioner, Omo, thick bleach, liquid detergent, laundry powder, Sunlight, dishwashing liquid, refuse bag, bin, storage box, Glade, Sunbeam, Mobicel, SmartFit, earbuds, microwave oven, kettle, braai. Page 10.
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Scroll through this Pick n Pay catalogue valid from 05.03.2021 to 05.09.2021 to see the latest deals. On 12 pages of the currently valid catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Groceries category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Pick n Pay, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 12. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Pick n Pay, don’t miss the latest weekly catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to My Catalogue every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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SMART PRICES. REAL CASH BACK. LOCAL 2kg 1.5L PICKL Doo OMO PPABLE OMO UNSTOPPABLE PSLUS auto auto Domestis EXTENGED POWER THE CARD THAT GIVES YOU BOTH. 17s meberuoe ANY 2 FOR ANY 2 FOR Exclusive to Pickn Pay R98 smartFit OBluetoothi 50 True Wireless Sync Earbuds • Model: V552404B • Up to 5-Hours Playback · Auto Connect • Touch Control - Includes Charge Case, Silicone Protector and Carabiner • Compatible with ioS and Android R89 R199 SAVER1O smart shopper EQUALS R49 EACH OMO EQUALS R25 EACH SAVE R10 WHEN YOU SWIPE WHEN YOU SWIPE WHEN YOU SAVE R200 SWIPE WHEN YOU Omo Auto Washing Powder 2kg. Liquid Detergent 1.5 Litre Assorted or Power Capsules 17s SWIPE melerware Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach Assorted 750ml 17 Litre Black Plastic Corded Kettle Model: 21203BK XL VALUE PACK HANDY ANDY HANDY ANDY finish Cream Cream 100% 100% FRESHNESS D eme Vanish W ITALL COmfort COmfort Sunlight Sunlight JIK Pawerd R79 99 BUY 2 ANY 2 FOR R219 99 ANY 2 R48 R38 $29 99 Cancentraled Fabric Condnioner *75 SAVE R20 EQUALS R24 EACH EQUALS R37.50 EACH SAVE R70 EQUALS R19 EACH WHEN YOU SWIPE Pure WHEN YOU Sunight Regular Dishwashing Liquid SAVER9 WHEN YOU swiPE Handy Andy Al Purpose Cream Cleaner Aosorted 750ml Power 02 50u 400g or Stain Remover Liquid 2 O er Cystal White 750m Jk Bleach Assorted 15Litre Each Finish Al-in-1Max Automatic Dishwasher Tublets 80s Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Assorted 800ml plush trel SUPREME Pine Gel ROSIED ANY 2 FOR TRUSTED SNCE 67 51 51 plush plush R24 SUPREM SUPREME glade glade EQUALS R12 EACH Sunlight ORGNAL Multi-Surfa Cleaner Multi-Surlacr WHEN YOU plust SUPREME SUPER ABSORBENT ROLLER TOWELS SWIPE Cleaner ed 400sbog ANY 2 FOR R55 ANY 2 R2199 SUPER ABSORS ANY 2 FOR 20 ROLLER TOWELS R30 ANY 2 R42 R40 GARBIER24 99 SUPER SAVE REFUSE BAGS EQUALS R27.50 EACH SAVE R8 EQUALS R15 EACH WHEN YOU WHEN YOU EQUALS R21 EACH EQUALS R20 EACH SWIPE SAVE R9 Plush Supreme GelA Purpose Cleaner Assorted 1Litre Plush Supreme Multi-Surface Ceoner Assorted 275ml WHEN VO SWIPE Glade Air Freghener Assocted 300mi PnPHeavyFol Sm PrP Super Atsorbent Roler Towels Assorted 2s Garbie Super Saver Refuse Bag 20s Buy a Defy 30 Litre Microwave Swipe your Smart Shopper card and get your Choice of 5 x 70g Kedogg's Instant Noodles Assorted FREE R *69 WAS RI79 SAVE R130 $99 WHEN YOU SWIPE Fotatrim $259 SAVER80 13 Litre Alpha DIY Set Includes 1x 13 Litre Char Storage Box and 10x 500mi Containers 2-YEAR WARRANTY BIG JIM Non Stick SAVE R40 WAS R329 1399 WASR149 ANY 2 279 99 WHEN YOU R100 WAS REZS R Rotatrim A4 Multi-Purpose r Box 500 Sheets Per Ream - B0gum SAVE R329 SAVE RS0 499 WHEN YOU SWIPE Sunbeam SAVE R50 12-Cup EQUALS R50 EACH 17 Litre Matt Stainless Steel Cordless Kette -Madel SDK-O11A E Double Wall 30 Utre Meror Finish Eectronic SAVER30 DEFY ABSorted Model DM0390 J78-Pece Coakware Set TRUSTED I IIN IIR МОBILE 4kg R199 O INTOUCH 36 SAVE R50 iquettes hth M. O BRAAI Data Bunde purchae of RI0 DATA Steam and Spray kon (DEFY)Model SI B033 AD 500MR 5OOMB MONTHS 5O0MB 12 HONTHS AALIOPOR MONTHS 175OW TDAYS VALID FOR YDAYS BRAA inuette R379 MTN ANY 5 WAS R499 R R109 69 WAS R39 100 19 69 299 WASR139 Rainb Re BUY 2 SAVE R20 R80 SAVE R30 SAVE R20 EQUALS R20 EACH SAVE R200 SAVER20 WHEN YOU SWIPE PHILIPS 7W ES/BC AB0 2-SteeLadder Maximum losd capacity of SAVER70 EQUALS R40 EACH Mobicel Rio 8GB Wce Wash or Clear de MetalNon-sp Steps 4-n-1Floater 16g Intouch 3Prong Cable Braa Briguettes 4kg hth LMe Ki Aigae and VGA Front and 2MP Rear Cameras .4' Display .1550mAh Battery becure Grp Avalable in Assorted Coours 52LIDe Linen Bin Tupe CMoro USB/Lightning Fast Charging Sv/21A Bacteria VALID 3 - 9 MAY 2021 Pickn Pay MMGTHS15605_10

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