Oxford Freshmarket stores and trading hours

Oxford Freshmarket stores and trading hours

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Oxford Freshmarket Specials
Oxford Freshmarket Specials
Oxford Freshmarket Specials


In 2011, the Oxford Freshmarket opened with its first store in Durban (Bluff), with the aim in providing consumers with a quality supermarket that only offers the freshest produce and other grocery items. Now, with two stores in Durban (Bluff and Hillcrest), Oxford Freshmarket strives to expand to other regions including Pinetown and Ballito.

Similar to the Food Lover’s Market, Housewives Market, and Bluff Meat Supply, the Oxford Freshmarket provides groceries, meats, and fruit and vegetables at the best prices.

Moreover, the high-standard food and grocery items available at Oxford Freshmarket include fresh foods (fruits & veg), packaged foods (pasta, baked beans, and more), dry foods, meats, bakery goods (bread, cakes, rolls, and more), and cleaning products.

The frequent promotional offers on most products on their latest catalogue allow customers to budget even less on their groceries and food items with regular specials including fruit and veg combo deals, the best lamb specials in Durban, and more.

For more information on the products available, visit their website https://www.oxfordfreshmarket.co.za.


  • Lowest Prices on Fresh Foods: The fresh food prices offered at Oxford Freshmarket allow customers to pay less on their favourite food items while enjoying fresh fruit and veg, meats, and baked products.
  • Great Brands: Only the best food brands are carefully selected to ensure quality assurance. These brands include Sasko, Parmalat, Avocet Scales, Nivea, and more.
  • Great Deals: The regular deals available in-store allows customers to budget even less on their preferred grocery items with discounted prices on a wide variety of foods and other products.
  • Employment Opportunities: Oxford Freshmarket aims in creating job opportunities in a number of retail work fields. For more information on the latest jobs available, follow the job finder here.


Oxford Freshmarket is based in Durban with a store in Hillcrest and Bluff, for more information on Bluff meat trading hours and store locations, visit their store finder here. Store hours are from Monday-Saturday: 06:00am-20:00pm and Sundays and Public Holidays: 06:00am-19:00pm. These hours may vary according to each store.