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Microwave oven

The microwave oven has many forms and functions. It depends on whether it will be used only for heating food or some more demanding preparation. For example, barbecue.

Today, the microwave oven is a necessary equipment not only for households, but we also use their advantages in workplaces. The choice of microwave is therefore conditioned by the environment in which it will be used. The basic model is microwave ovens without a grill.

These are also suitable for kitchens in workplaces. It is great for fast heating of food, and we do not expect more from it. Some models also offer a fast-cooking function.

  • These types are usually freestanding.
  • Built-in types are not produced very much.

The big advantage is the low purchase price and easy operation. Because this type is the most represented, manufacturers offer many models and variants. The basic version of the microwave oven can also be extended with a grill. These types are usually purchased for households or weekend residences.

Microwaves can also be enriched with other functions, such as steam cooking or the Crisp function.

A separate chapter is multifunctional microwave ovens. They can fully replace several kitchen appliances.

We could heat our food in the first microwave oven as early as 1946. But it probably wouldn't suit us very well and it wouldn't fit anywhere. It was large and weighed 340 kilograms. The first microwave was also very expensive. It cost five thousand dollars then. Microwaves entered restaurants a year later.

  • However, they did not arouse the expected response at first.
  • They needed to be reduced, lightened, and significantly reduced in price.

The most important improvement was the replacement of cooling. The original, which was made on a water basis, was replaced by air. This gave the microwave less weight and smaller size. In the 1970s, the microwave became very popular thanks to innovations and made its way into ordinary households. Today, the microwave oven is manufactured in many different types and can also be used for cooking and grilling.


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