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makro Ramadan Mubarak. We wish all our Muslim customers well in the holy month of Ramadan. GAR TRUSTED ILLOVO QUALITY SUGAR It's that mood to get your bulk pantry items, and MORE delivered in less than 2 days. Anchor Anchor Fastant Fastant Yeast ast KNOW SPON SunPick PORE SUNFLOWER O SUNPICK Sunflower Oil 4L NO VAT 10995 each WHIT SUGA Rhodes Quality Cream Style Sweetcorn OPEN Rhodes Quality Chickpeas in Brine RHODES Cream Style Sweetcorn or Chickpeas 410 g BOLDER AROMA NESCAFE CLASSIC YO CLASSIC NESCAFE BRAZIL NESCAFE CLASSIC 1695 each NESCAFÉ Classic TRUSTED ILLOVO QUALITY WHITE SUGAR ILLOVO White Sugar 2.5 kg 4995 each PAKCO Chilli Bite Mix Pri trag Just the right bitel Freshpak PURE ROOIBOS TEA TAGLESS TEABAGS 80 The No.1 Rooibos Tes FRESHPAK Rooibos Tagless Teabags 80's (All variants excluding Decaf) 200 g 8995 each BOKOMO WEET-BIX WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT BISCUITS 3895 BOKOMO WEET-BIX WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT BISCUITS per pack 24 Biscuits 450 g 24 Biscuits PAKCO Chilli Bite Mix 250 g 1595 FIVE ROSES SUPERIOR QUALITY TEA CEYLON BLEND TEA each 200 TEA BAGS Nebody makes better tee then and Five Roses FIVE ROSES Tagless Teabags 200's BOKOMO Weet-Bix 450 g 2595 450 g each 8595 per pack Anchor Fastant Yeast Anchor Fastant east Nestle NESPRAY FortiGrowt EDITIO ANCHOR Dry Instant Yeast Strip 4x10 g 1295 per strip School Ag MEDIUM CREAN DARY POWDER SLEND 400g NESTLÉ Nespray Powder Milk 400 g NO VAT 4995 each Learning Kellogg's The Original CORN FLAKES TOASTED GOLDEN CEREAL FLAKES NEW LOOK TASTE Jungle 1920 Oats The original formund 110 2kg ungle 2kn JUNGLE Oats Bag 2kg 5995 Kelloys Rice: Krispies KELLOGG'S Rice Krispies 510 g each SBITER FUTURELIFE Smart nutrition for e SMART FOOD MEAL OR SHAKE HIGH IN PROTEIN 19 FUTURELIFE Smart Food 1.25 kg 8995 each MODU KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes 1kg 6995 each 6995 HIGH IN 1.25 KG OMEGA-3 VALUE PACK STRAWBERRY each 1.25 KG Prices valid from Thursday 7 March 2024 to Sunday 14 April 2024 In the mood for the lowest prices Terms and conditions apply. For full disclaimer, please see back page of this promotion. Stock only available in Gauteng, Mbombela and Polokwane stores. Kellogg's

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