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Any 2 for R80 (Equates to R40 p/unit) Hake Bakes Hake Bakes SEA HARVEST Hake Bakes (All variants) 360 g Any 3 for R140 (Equates to R46.67 p/unit) 2 for R160 (Equates to R80 p/unit) 19 FISH FINGERS 32 E 19 FISH FINGERS 32. 183 Fish Fingers 800 g Any 2 for R90 (Equates to R45 p/unit) Any 2 for R180 (Equates to R90 p/unit) STEERS BEEF STEERS 6 BEEF STEERS Beef Burger Patties 600 g Any 2 for R85 (Equates to R42.50 p/unit) Any 3 for R155 (Equates to R51.66 p/unit) Nourish Nourish Nourish FARMER BROWN Crumbed Chicken (All variants) 360 g 2 for R75 (Equates to R35.50 p/unit) 2 for R380 (Equates to R190 p/unit) ON NEW ERA CHICKEN Breast Fillets 2.7 kg Any 2 for R70 (Equates to R35 p/unit) Simply Chicken Saucy Steaklets Simply McCain Veggie Chicken BURGERS McCain Vergle Natures Garden garden Nature Gard country ingers McCain Mixed Veg McCain Mixed Veg McCain RAINBOW Simply Chicken Burgers, Steaklets or Saucy Steaklets (All variants) 400 g 2 for R140 (Equates to R70 p/unit) McCAIN Appetizers (All variants) 215/420 g Any 2 for R140 (Equates to R70 p/unit) NATURES GARDEN Garden or Country Mix 1 kg NO VAT Any 2 for R190 (Equates to R95 p/unit) McCAIN Mixed Vegetables 1 kg NO VAT Any 2 for R190 (Equates to R95 p/unit) harvestime potato chips harvestime potato chips ITAL PIZZA ITAL PIZZA Mamer Sausage Rolls McCain McCAIN Stir Fry (All variants) 700 g NO VAT Any 2 for R130 (Equates to R65 p/unit) Simply Chicken VIENNAS Simply Chicken VIENNAS Chicken Simply PREMIUM POLONY PREMIUM POLONY Simply HARVESTIME Frozen Chips 2 kg NO VAT 2 for R50 (Equates to R25 p/unit) Dr. OETKER Ital Mini Pizza (All variants) 8's 2 for R45 (Equates to R22.50 p/unit) MAMA'S Pies (All variants) 6's Any 2 x 6-pack for R170 2x (Equates to R28.35 p/unit) RAINBOW Simply Chicken Viennas (All variants) 1kg Any 2 for R55 (Equates to R27.50 p/unit] RAINBOW Simply Chicken Polony (All variants) 1kg or Simply Chicken Cheese Polony 700 g Any 2 for R40 (Equates to R20 p/unit) ULTRA MEL ULTRA MEL parmalat parmalat Ster Stumple NufriDay NutriDay Custard Favoured Desser Custard Flavoured Dessert DANONE UltraMel Custard 1kg Any 3 for R50 (Equates to R16.67 p/unit) PARMALAT Vanilla Custard 1kg Any 2 x 6-pack for R35 (Equates to R17.50 p/unit) PARMALAT mpie Steri Stumpie Flavoured Milk (All variants) 6 x 350 ml Any 2 for R75 (Equates to R37.50 p/unit) NUTRIDAY Dairy Blend Juice (All variants) 1.5 L Any 2 for R80 (Equates to R40 p/unit) NukiDay NuviDay Nu iDay 8 LANCEWOOD Classic Classic DOUBLE CREAM MIXED BERRIES YOGHURT Clessac LANCEWOOD DOUBLE CREAM COCONUT YOGHURT +Clover Bliss *Clover Bliss Fafard DANONE Yogi Sip (All variants) 500 g Any 2 for R190 (Equates to R95 p/unit) (M MINI MINI NUTRIDAY Smooth Dairy Snack (All variants) 6 x 100 g 3 for R155 (Equates to R38.33 p/unit) aro paper serviettes CLOVER Classic Low Fat Dairy Snack (All variants) 6 x 100g LANCEWOOD Double Cream Yoghurt (All variants) 1 kg 2 for R110 (Equates to R55 p/unit) 2 for R195 (Equates to R97.50 p/unit) le Cream opart CLOVER Bliss Double Cream Yoghurt (All variants) 1 kg 2 for R250 (Equates to R125.00 p/unit) OLA Magnum Mini (All variants) 6's 2 for R199 (Equates to R99.50 p/unit) aro paper serviettes aro aro aro paper serviettes ARO Jumbo Serviettes White 1-Ply 200's In the mood for the lowest prices ARO Muffin Cups 100's ARO Crystal Cups 250 ml ARO Fomo Tub & Lid 50's 350 ml 50's ARO Paper Plates 230 mm 100's Prices valid until Sunday 28 April 2024 8/2024 STEELHILL_MKNTFD4282

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