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ACE Instant Knorr BROWN ONION SOUP 200g Nando's PERI-PER BAG & BAKE 4 for R55 (Equates to R13.75 p/unit) Knorr- 6 CHATOT SQUISH Apple+ Guava Cimmitien * SAMP SAMP Lence & Mer Stroganoff Any 4 for R85 (Equates to R21.25 p/unit) DOK Har k Inst CHAMPION Samp 1 kg NO VAT ACE Knorr MINESTRONE 1039 200g Ghuraian SAMP Any 3 for R48 (Equates to R16 p/unit) Freshpak Champion Knorr ROOIBOS TEA SAMP Instant Porridge (All variants) 1 kg KNORR Soup (All variants) 200 g Any 3 for R45 (Equates to R15 p/unit) PERI-PERK BAG & BAKE SQUISH ACE S Butternut +Carrot KNORR Dry Cook-in Sauce (All variants) 47/48 g Any 3 for R63 (Equates to R21 p/unit) Green Curry NANDO'S Bag & Bake (All variants) 20 g Any 4 for R50 (Equates to R12.50 p/unit) Knorr BEEF & ONION SOUP 200g RHODES Squish Infant Foods (All variants) 110 ml Knorr SQUISH Fruit Salad 3 for R132 (Equates to R44 p/unit) Freshpak PURE ROOIBOS TEA Instant PERI-PECI BAG & BAKE FRESHPAK Rooibos Tagless Teabags 80's Potata ke SQUISH Mixed vegetable bless Freshpak 8/2024 STEELHILL_MKNTFD4282 ROOIBOS TEA WISA NO MALES PRIDGE Royco GRAVY KEY 2 for R140 (Equates to R70 p/unit) Royco B-well CANOLA OIL BOLONNAIRE BLEND TEA TAGS 60200 IWISA Porridge (All variants) (Excluding KZN) or NYALA Porridge (All variants) (Only available in KZN) or SUPERSUN Porridge (All variants) 1 kg FIVE ROSES 243 Knorr MAIZE PORRIDGE B-WELL Pure Canola Oil 2 L NO VAT IWISA Any 4 for R80 (Equates to R20 p/unit) Royco MARINADE Prices valid until Sunday 28 April 2024 Any 5 for R75 (Equates to R15 p/unit) Bueen PURITY Sweet Potato ROBER Ti HAV Royco GRAVY ROYCO Sauces, Gravies or Marinades (All variants) 32-47 g B-well PURE CANOLA OIL EVROP Lasagne Mate Mince Lasagne 2006 Any 2 for R64 (Equates to R32 p/unit) KNORR Meal Kits (Lasagne, Mince or Rice) 230/275/280/295 g Royco NYALA Any 3 for R110 (Equates to R36.67 p/unit) Royco GRAVY SAVOURY Knorr seeen peace PURITY Junior! ROYCO Wet Cook-in Sauce (All variants) 32-47 g emoty Any 3 for R42 (Equates to R14 p/unit) BLEND LEA FIVE ROSES CAMICE Royco SAUCE CREAMY MUSOK MAZE PORRIDGE Smoky Bacca& Cheddar Flevou SAR EFFET Mince Mate PURITY 2nd Food Jars, Pouches or Junior Smoothies (All variants) 110/125 ml Any 3 for R158 (Equates to R52.67 p/unit) FIVE ROSES Tagless Teabags 102's SUPER SUN Senes Royco PURITY Pears BEVES FIVE ROSES C AND TEA 1 kg Knorr ROAST MEAT GRAYY C Colden Cloud 2 for R135 (Equates to R67.50 p/unit) KOO OLIVE PRIDE Seed Oils & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 L NO VAT Oliv Pride Any 3 for R80 (Equates to R26.67 p/unit) SCOVE MIX 120 SCONES KOO 1 kg Fac & Cloud GOLDEN CLOUD Muffin or Scone Mix (All variants) 1 kg Any 3 for R38 (Equates to R12.67 p/unit) Finess Knorr CREAMY CHEESE SAUCE Olive Pride MIXINA STOCK POTC MANS 24 S STOCK POT KNORR Cook in Sauces or Gravies (All variants) 38/43 g MUFFIN MIX Any 3 for R85 (Equates to R28.33 p/unit) STOCK POT KOO Original KNORR Stock Pots (All variants) 4 x 28 g 6 for R60 (Equates to R10 p/unit) FIVE ROSES 30 KOO KOO Tomato Paste Sachet 100 g STRONG AFRICAN BLEND TEA INFACARE Juice (All variants) 200 ml CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED MUFFIN MIX ROAST Any 2 for R240 (Equates to R120 p/pack) MEAT GRAVY 2 for R68 (Equates to R34 p/unit) FIVE KOO Knorr infacare Infocare infacare inflacare Incare infocare juice juice juice juice juice m Pao CHAN Terms and conditions apply. For our full disclaimer, please see the back page of this promotion. p ROSES STRONG AFRICAN BLEND TEA MAKES 24 FIVE ROSES Strong African Blend Tea Bags 102's KOO 201 2 for R125 (Equates to R62.50 p/unit) Excella Excella PLOWER OL SUPLOWER OIL RETOT E Excella EXCELLA Sunflower Oil 2 L NO VAT Excella TERIO BEST QUALITY LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE MEN Any 2 for R40 (Equates to R20 p/unit) KNORROX OKTAIL FLAYOUR LESS SALT Aromat ORIGINAL KNORROX Stock Cubes (All variants) 24's KNORROX MALATY Any 2 for R48 (Equates to R24 p/unit) PURITY CHICKEN FLAVOUR Just Add M LESS SALT KNORR Aromat Trio Pack (All variants) 200 g TRINCO Any 2 for R46 (Equates to R23 p/unit) Aromat CHILLI BEEF white & fluffy Baby Cereal PURITY PURITY or PURITY JUNGLE Cereals (All variants) 200/250 g 2 for R55 (Equates to R27.50 p/unit) TRINCO Tagless Teabags 100's easy to cook 2 kg TRINCO 5 white easy to cook Tuffy 2 kg GRANDE GRANDE Any 5 for R75 (Equates to R15 p/unit) New PASTA GRANDÉ Spaghetti or Macaroni 500 g more less BENNY T 2 for R70 (Equates to R35 p/unit) EXCELLA Long Grain Parboiled Rice 2 kg NO VAT GRANDE BECK TOCK CUBES 24 Any 3 for R55 (Equates to R18.33 p/unit) Kinort Aromat BENNY Stock Cubes (All variants) 24's BENNY CHICKEN FLAVOURED STOCK CUBES 24 Cerelac Stre GRANDE Th 2 for R265 (Equates to R132.50 p/unit) 7-12 GRANDE Alles k KNORR Aromat 1 kg Any 2 for R85 (Equates to R42.50 p/unit) Teaspoon Tips BENNY BEEF FLAVOURED STOCK CUBES Teaspoon Tips NESTLÉ Cerelac Infant Cereal (All variants) 250 g Macar Knors Aromat Cerelac Best Flat 3 for R55 (Equates to R18.33 p/unit) Teaspoon Tips TEASPOON TIPS Tea Bag Pouch 100's makro GRUESA 7-12 URE

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