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RESTONIC RESTONIC VE LOCAL NOW! 45999⁹⁹9 TERMS: R425) X36 DEPOSIT: R600 TOTAL: R15/300 INCLUDES ALL COSTS WAS $19999 NOW $17999⁹⁹ MANIAM TERMS: R1013 X36 DEPOSIT: R1800 TOTAL: R36 468 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SAVE 1500 Monarch Insurance Our Focus Your Protection WE KEM LOCAL OFFERS YOU: PG 2. INTEREST RATE 25.25% INCLUDES ALL COSTS WAS 56 499 CAMBRIDGE PILLOW TOP 152CM BED SET ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK TUO GALAXY COFFEE TABLE AVAILABLE AT R3 299.9 LEXUS COFFEE TABLE AVAILABLE AT R2 499." MOTION RECLINERS HUDSON 3-PIECE 2-MOTION LOUNGE SUITE Standard Credit Life Insurance Benefits: Death in the event of the occount holder's death the outstanding bucnice will be settled in ful medi' NOW 46499⁹⁹ WE GOSAVE 2000 O SAVE 2000 LOCAL Optional Top-Up Credit Life Insurance Benefits Loss Of Income Temporary Disability in the event of temporary diability, the outstanding balance will be settled inf the event of ices of time employment, the outst bolonce will be settled in fu TERMS: R454)X36 DEPOSIT: R650 TOTAL: R161344 INCLUDES/ALL COSTS PERCY 4-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE NOW $12999⁹⁹ TERMS: R732 X36 DEPOSIT: R1300 TOTAL: R28 152 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Permanent Disability We will settle the outstanding butonce nd should you become permanently disabled Temporary Disability in the event of temporary dabilty the ment will be covered to a maimum period of 12 months SAVE 500 Standard Goods Cover: Damage Or Loss Or Theft Of Goods Should your goods te accidentally damaged destroyed or stolen we w settle the outstanding balance in t WE LE LOCAL WAS AS 999 MANHATTAN 152CM BED SET SAVE 1000 WAS Reg NOW $5999.⁹⁰ TERMS: R439) X36 DEPOSIT: R600 TOTAL: R15 804 INCLUDES ALL COSTS WACHAS999 PRIMROSE 4-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE Loss Of Income In the event of loss of fu-time employment the intent will be covered to a maximum period of 12 months Optional Top-Up Goods Cover: Damage Or Loss Or Theft Of Goods Should your goods be accidentaly damaged destroyed or stolen, you can choose whether we either settle the outstanding bokonce or epoce the goods

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