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Rhodes Quality Baked Bea IN TOMATO SAUCE Rhodes Quality Baked Beans IN TOMATO SAUCE 143460L RHODES Baked Beans 410g Tomato Sauce. EASTER TREATS: SAVE BIG IN OUR SPRING SALE SASHONA Rhodes Quality ked Beans IN TOMATO SAUCE Rhodes EASY OPEN Quality CREAM STYLE Sweetcorn 150486L/150485L RHODES Rhodes Quality Tomato & Onion Mix BUY 3 OR MORE Tomato & Onion Mix 410g or 999 Sweet Corn EACH 410g MUM POLONY icken ORIGINAL RAINBOW Simply Chicken PREMIUM ORIGINAL RAINBOW Simply Chicken PREMIUM POLONY Sir Chek PRET PO ORIGINAL ORIGINAL icken MUM CHAKALAKA FLAVOURED RAINBOW Simply Chicken PREMIUM POLONY CHAKALAKA FLAVOLARED RAINBOW Simply Chicken PREMIUM POLONY RAI Sin Chick PRET PO CHAKALAKA FLAVOURED CHAKALAKA FLAVOLARED GRP3847 RAINBOW Simply Chicken Polony Assorted 1kg Rhodes Quality CREAM STYLE weetcorn SUNBAKE Happiness in every bite BUY ANY 3 FOR R49.99 1666 Each EVERYDA BROWN LE BREAD Source of vitamin D & Calcium 135595L SUNBAKE Brown Bread 700g 14 9 99 Each OROS ORANGE SQUASH 183256L OROS Orange Squash 5lt 9499 Each NO PORK Farmhouse NO ORIGINAL PORK D VIENNAS EIVEESE CKEN BREAST MEAT parmalat parmalat gouda favo parmalat NOT parmalat RAINBOW Simply Chicken SMOKED VIENNAS WITH CHICKEN BREAST MEAT 52 6299 GRP2828 PARMALAT Processed Cheese Slices 54s Asst 900g shisanyama Bavoured full cream processed cheese NusiDay NutriDay NufriDay NNUTRIDAY Smooth NusiDay Lay's Lay's lays Lay's Lay's GRP0312 Lay's Lay's Lays Lays Yoghurt NufriDay NufriDay NufriDay NujriDay NutriDay NuriDa Assorted 100g 6s BUY ANY 3 FOR R47.99 8881599 1599 Each Metalix GRP7485 54 800 A 24 Viennas 1kg A 24 Vienas 1kg Farmhouse Farmhouse Farmhouse 99 44ack Each RAINBOW Simply Chicken 9699 kg Viennas Original OR Cheese Ótima 92 99 Each GRP0477 FARMHOUSE Ice Cream 21t GRP6714 SIMBA 36g/ LAYS 36g/ Simba Doritos AOXD ACAL Doritos DORITOS Chips 45g GRP5228 Doritos Doritos BUY ANY 24 FOR R159.99 AOXD 6 66 EACH OTIMA Salad bowl with Lid Assorted 12lt BUY ANY 3 FOR R83.99 27.99 172238P MILLA CUP 500ml 10pk 2499 Pack Tamibles ETOSHA Briquettes Srikette EROSHA nova Kitchen towel nova Kitchen towel nova tchen towel 171932L NOVA Kitchen Towels 2s BUY 3 OR MORE 1699 Each soft rolls 2 rolls PRIDE 145393L METALIX Braai Stand Mini 145394L METALIX Large Braai Stand 145395L METALIX Adjustable Made from Intruder Bush Braai Stand GRP6671 ETOSHA Briquettes/ 27999 32999 42999 Each 3kg BUY ANY 2 FOR R99.99 42999 Charcoal 49 3kg 08 | PROMOTION VALID FROM THURSDAY 21 MARCH TO WED 24 APRIL 2024 129887L ETOSHA Fire Lighters What bright sparks use! 99 ETOSHA Each Firelighters 12s BUY 2 OR MORE GRP5060 PRIDE Cooler Box 1999 Assorted 25lt Cooler Box Superior Cooling Box 15999 >K SAVINGS FOR YOU

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