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Mother’s Day

The special day dedicated to celebrating mothers around the globe, known as Mother’s Day, was first celebrated in the United States in 1908. This festivity is also dedicated to other maternal relationships such as grandmothers, etc.

The important tradition is considered to have started when a woman named Anna Jarvis had a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. Now, the day is celebrated throughout the world on different days of the year.

When is Mother’s Day in South Africa? Mother’s Day in South Africa is celebrated yearly on the second Sunday in May. Local customs on the day usually include the giving of gifts to mothers and motherly figures and having a family meal together.

The gifts given are often from spouses to their wives and from children to their mothers such as flowers, cards with special messages, quotes, and poems, chocolates and sweets, and more. Some families will also prepare special meals or make bookings at mom’s favourite restaurants to enjoy the commemoratory occasion.

Promotional Specials for Mom

Popular stores including Checkers, Game, Pick n Pay and Makro often provide amazing reduced prizes on gifts to spoil your mom on Mother’s Day. These include products such as cosmetics, beauty products, jewellery, chocolates, gift packs with cards and special wishes, images, and other great items for the perfect gift ideas.

Be sure to do your Mother’s Day shopping in time to receive great deals on all of mom’s favourite products and pay less for more. These specials also usually start before the Mother’s Day date so that you can have enough time to prepare the perfect day!

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Give your mom a happy Mother’s Day!

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