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Easter is one of the most exciting holidays worldwide, particularly for children. Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday is a Christian celebration that marks the resurrection of Jesus. Although a Christian holiday, Easter is celebrated by many as the festivities take place over a long weekend, Easter weekend.

Many families look forward to this weekend because of the holidays that allow people to take holidays and have time off with their families and friends. So, when is Easter? The precise Easter date changes every year, but Easter is usually on the 1st Sunday after the date of the Full Moon, which usually takes place on the 21st of March. This also determines the Easter weekend dates.

How is Easter celebrated in South Africa? Like in other countries, the Easter weekend and Easter Sunday are celebrated with giving Easter eggs as gifts, chocolates shaped like a bunny, an Easter egg hunt, and a family lunch.

In Johannesburg, a popular celebration includes the Rand Easter Show that hosts various rides and activities for families to enjoy over the Easter weekend period.

Easter Specials

Promotions around this time of year are common and allow you to purchase all your Easter-favourites so that you can have a fun-filled celebration! Shops like Checkers, Pick n Pay and SPAR offer special prices on Easter egg baskets, chocolates, Easter-themed decorations, and more.

This is especially exciting for children as you can ensure that they will have the best Easter egg hunt yet with these amazing discount rates on Easter products.

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