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Christmas - Retailers

The merriest time of the year

The Christmas tree is already lit, the wishes had been sent and the traditional Christmas songs are already filling up the many rooms of every household there is. The winter solstice, now known as „Christmas“, is a celebration old as the human civilization itself. People were celebrating this time of the year for generations, however, our modern Christmas vary not only in look but also in purpose. The very notion of Christmas is the same in every country, whether it is the USA, Japan or the Czech Republic, although we might find a few cultural differences. The best example of Christmas is always given by children in their pictures, where there are featured various local or favorite decorations of houses or trees. The topic of Christmas is also a very popular theme of many movies, except the traditional ones we have animated movies like the Nightmare Before Christmas, which are all about the Christmas holiday spirit.

Christmas in South Africa

Messages of Christmas time are always the same – a joyful time with your family and friends, filled with understanding and forgiveness. We are also reminded of this modern Christmas purpose by the many quotes of admirable men and women, like Mary Ellen Chase who wrote: „Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.“

South Africa is a mix of european and african culture, however, holidays are quite similiar to the UK or USA. Christmas comes in the summer so many people like to go out for a picnic or a walk alongside gardens in full bloom. Going Christmas carol singing or attending Christmas morning Church service are among the most popular activities. Many people also eat turkey and Malva pudding (traditional dish). And Sinterklass or Kersvader (Santa Claus) is delivering gifts to children and adults alike. And many enjoy the company of their friends and family of course.

Christmas sales and specials

The modern Christmas is also time for excessive shopping since many retailers and vendors are having special sales and offers for customers even after Christmas to sell-out their stocks. Christmas is the best time to spend your money on gifts and presents for your family and friends. From clothing to cosmetics and various foods, you will find the best prices almost in every shop. 

So ready your wallets and get your credit cards and enjoy the lowest prices and best deals. But in all that Christmas rush don’t forget to wish to all: „Merry Christmas.“

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