Good Hope Meat Hyper stores and trading hours

Good Hope Meat Hyper stores and trading hours

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Good Hope Meat Hyper Specials
Good Hope Meat Hyper Specials
Good Hope Meat Hyper Specials


Established in 1972, Cape Hope Meat Hyper was founded on the basis of providing quality Halaal meats to South African consumers at affordable prices. Furthermore, the Good Hope Meat market has strived to provide consumers with excellent meat that is hand-selected to ensure quality and freshness.

In addition to other bulk meat suppliers such as Shoukut’s Meat Market, Flambos Butchery (Flambos Parow), Wembley Meat Market, and Fairfield Meat Centre, Good Hope Meat Hyper offers a well-stocked meat centre that ensures low prices, freshness, and high standards.

The Good Hope Meat Hyper store can easily be located in Cape Town, providing a one-stop shop for all your meat requirements. Online purchases are also available for customers wishing to have fresh meat delivered in the greater Western Cape area.

The products and services available at Good Hope Meat Hyper include freshly sourced beef, lamb, and chicken. Cold meats and various frozen food products are also available. Other grocery items include condiments, cold drinks, desserts, and spices.

Catering services are also available for all events and the butchery has previously catered for large events including the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and more, making this the best butcher on the market.

Discount rates on fresh meats have additionally boosted the success of the Good Hope Meat Hyper brand, as seasonal specials are available on a variety of products. For more information on meat specials in Cape Town, whole lamb specials, and more visit their website


  • Fresh Meat Offered at the Lowest Prices: At Good Hope Meat Hyper, customers are promised value-for-money as only the best meats are provided at the lowest prices in comparison to its competitors.
  • Great Sales: Seasonal sales available offer customers with even lower prices on their meat requirements. Visit their sales catalogue here for more information on the latest promotions.
  • Delivery Services Offered: Have your sourced meat delivered to you with the convenient delivery service provided in the greater Western Cape area.
  • Social Responsibility: Good Hope Meat Hyper supports the community that they serve by participating in feeding schemes, education funding, and by providing an internship programme in their butchery.


Find the address to the Cape Town Good Hope Meat Hyper here. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 8:30am-18:00pm and Saturday: 8:30am-12: 30pm and again at 13:30pm-18:00pm.