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GROWN LOVE From farm to market, our vibrant vegetables are nurtured with the utmost care and attention ensuring that each crisp, colourful bite is a testament to the love that goes Into growing them. FRUIT Persimmon Punnets 2 FOR R50 Fig Punnets 160 g 2 FOR R25 Persimmons 4 FOR R29 Watermelon Quarters R29oach Avocados 4 FOR R39 BIG DEAL Red Plum Punnets 750 g 2 FOR R50 骨 Red Seedless Grape Punnets 500 g 2 FOR R50 Satsuma Trays Pomegranate Punnets 2 FOR 2999 each R50 LEMO FOOD LOVER'S FOOD LOVERS FOOD OR LEMONS ORANGES Class 1 cape GRA FOOD GRAPEFRUIT and juity Grapefruit Thriftpacks 4s 2 FOR R29 Tri-Cupe Valvenack Orange Pockets R59each Lemon Thriftpacks 1 kg 2 FOR Orange Thriftpacks 1 kg 2 FOR R30 R30 Royal Gala, Flash Gala, Fuji & Braeburn Apple or Abate Fetel Pear Econopacks 15 kg ANY 2 FOR R39 FOOD LOVER'S MARKETS ON SUNDAY 7 APE 2016- ACTUAL PRODUCTS ON OFFER HAY DIFFER FROM VISUALS SHOWER, AS THESE ARE SERVING SONGESTIONS ONLY KAMIONS ADVERTISING NO HAWKERS NO TRADERS WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ERGE

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