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DID YOU KNOW HEALTHY AGING SPECIALISTS unstable molecules, also known as reactive oxygen species, produced by cells in response to stress. Antioxidants help to prevent or delay some types of cell damage. MULTIVITAMINs While supplementation is important when our dietary provides inadequate levels of the essential nutrients, minerals and fatty acids, it is necessary to consult a healthcare professional on the full benefits, any risks associated and the quality assurance process of supplements HEALTH BENEFITS OF BOTH OMEGAS AND MULTIVITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS ABOUT OMEGAS Omega-3 is termed'essential fatty acids as the body cannot produce them and can only be derived through a diet rich in omega-sources or through supplementation SOLAL SOLALo has created an extensive range of naturally-sourced omega fatty acids Numerous trials have consistently shown and multivitamins engineered to provide that these essential fatty acids help to lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, vitamins and healthy oils manufactured reduce the likelihood of stroke and slow the with only the highest quality and purest progression of cardiovascular disease and ngredients sourced from trusted raw development of plaque in the arteries.234 optimal balance of essential nutrients, Omegas (fish oils) and multivitamins are two of the most commonly used dietary supplements1 material suppliers Surveys have shown users of complementary medicine uses both multivitamins and omegas at the same time. Based on the increasing uptake of omega and multivitamin supplements studies are being conducted to determine the potential health benefits when combining omegas and multivitamins Preliminary evidence have suggested that vitamins and omegas have ABOUT VITAMINS, MINERALS AND ANTIOXIDANT A vitamin is an organic compound and a vital nutrient that an organism requires to support life.5 Vitamins, being organic, are vulnerable to heat, light and various chemical processing methods. This means that food must be prepared in very specific ways to preserve the vitamin content and explains why modem-day foods are often lacking in adequate vitamin levels Every batch of raw material is tested to ensure quality, purity and consistency this process is called QualiSafe a 10 step quality assurance process unique to SOLAL, ensuring you and your family is getting the best quality health and wellness products er effects. Minerals differ from vitamins, in that they are inorganic compounds and thus stable during food preparation or processing and only some minerals are essential for processes within the body AGING NCI MULTIVITAMIN A 2014 study that examined the effects of omegas and multivitamin supplementation showed that combining fish oil supplementation with adequate vitamin/mineral intake either through diet or supplementation may help reduce cardiovascular disease risk OMEGA-3 DAY Antioxidants are the body's weapon against free radicals. Free radicals are highly References: 1. 1 Pipingas A. Cockerell B, GrimaN et al. Randomized Controlled Trial Exaining the Effects of Fish Oil and Multivitamin Supplementation on the Incorporation of n-3 and n-6 Fatty Acids into Red Blood Cells. Nutrients (2014)6:1956-1970 2 WebMD Feature. Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements: Bene ts, Side E ects, and Uses. http://wwwwebmd.com/hypertension-high blood-pressure/guide/omega-3- sh- oil-supplements-for-high-blood-pressure Accessed July 2017 3. Brinton EA Mason RP Prescription omega-3 fatty acid products containing highly puri ed icosaperitaenoic acid (EPAI. Lipids Health Dis. 2017 Jan 31 161):23. 4 Alexander DD, Miller PE Van Elswyk ME Kuratko CN, Byisma LC A Meta-Analysis of Randormized Controlled Prospective Cohort Studies of Ei sap tae and he aen Long Chain Ornega-3 atty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease Risk. Mayo Clin Proc 2017 Jan 92(1):15-29 5 wikipedia Vitamin https /en wikipedia org/wiki Vitamin?oldid 791852360. Accessed July 2017 6. Columbia Health Nutrition Services: Go Ask Alice What's the di erence between vitamins and minerals? http://www goaskalice columbia edufanswered-questions/whats-di erence-between-vitamins-and-minerals-0 Accessed July 2017 and ASCENDIS CONSUMER BRANDS (PTY) LTD. Reg-Nr 2013 195936/07 VAT 4460264361 31 Email [email protected] Director, Dr. Karsten Wellner esburg 20211 South Africa p 011 036- 9420 ace A PROUD BRAND OF Ascendis CONSUMER BRANDS DIVISION

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