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Dis-Chem catalogue  - 13/08/2018 - 08/01/2019 - Sales products - eggs, butter, dressing, toothpaste. Page 68.
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Your answer to acuteBRN BURNS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOw Degrees of burns According to the South African Burns Society, there are three different types of & chronic First degree: Red skin, no blisters. Usually heal with little or no scarring. Second degree: Blisters and thickened skin. This can be a burn of either partial or full thickness of the skin, and full thickness burns may require skin grafting for the best healing Third degree: Overall thickening of the affected skin, with a white colour. This burn is all the way through the skin wound care Sources of burn injuries Ceramic wound dressing Thermal burns can come from explosions, flame, hot liquids and contact with hot materials like heated glass or coals. Chemical burns are caused by strongly acidic or alkaline substances, and require special care to stop injury to the skin. Electrical burns are caused by electricity, as the name implies, and need to be evaluated by a medical professional even if they look fine, as they can't Moist wound care: Burns Cuts & grazes Septic wounds . Diabetic ulcers Pressure ulcers Venomous bites accurately judged just by the external appearance voc person has been removed from the source of the burn. To stop this, treat the burn immediately with cool, but not ice-cold, water. Depending on the location, size and severity of the injury, hold the affected area under cool running water until it becomes less painful. If larger areas of skin are affected, standing under a cool shower may be useful. "The goal is to reduce the heat as quickly as possible," he explains. CERDAK ALARM It can cause damage to the skin if the affected area is immersed in very cold water, ice or if frozen items are placed on it. If an affected area is particularly large, it can also potentially lead to hypothermia and affect blood pressure and circulation Do not rely on unfounded advice to apply butter, egg white, toothpaste or any types of lotions to the affected areas. "These substances can be difficult to clean out later and can cause infection. Supporting healing and reducing scarring should always be the overriding aim," notes Stanton . Prevents colonisation and infection Removes necrotic burdern in chronic wounds Speeds up the healing process . Easy application e Reduces inflammation e Allows for aeration of the wound e Prevents scar formation e Controls wound cleansing Ensure that a sterile dressing is applied, as it will help to relieve the pain, reduce damage to the skin and prevent infection. "In order to keep the sterile dressing on the wound, cover it with a bandage," he recommends. However, when applying a dressing, take care not to break the skin and do not attempt to peel any blisters. "In addition, ensure that the wound is not covered by any fluffy, sticky or adhesive materials as this could further damage the area, and could potentially lead to infection, Stanton emphasises. WHEN TO SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE "If the burn injury is severe, causes significant pain and/or is larger than the palm of your hand, visit an emergency department or call an emergency medical services provider such as Netcare 911 on 082 911 for assistance. If the burn becomes infected, you have not had a recent tetanus vaccination, or blisters occur, you should seek medical advice from your doctor or emergency medical services provider," Stanton concludes. and odour Cerdak is a proudly South African product, developed and manufactured in Mtunzini, KZN WOUND to 33110 and a consuftant wil ence rea The World Heaith Orga int/topics bunsien The South African Bums Society ety coza issued by Martina Nichoison Associates (MNA) on behelf af Netcare 9 www.cerdak.co.za

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