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Dis-Chem catalogue  - 13/08/2018 - 08/01/2019 - Sales products - eggs, butter, popcorn, oats, coconut milk, coconut oil, vegetable oil, honey, coconut water, smoothie, shampoo, conditioner, fragrance, monkey. Page 61.
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Enjoy coconut oil and some honey in oats for a nutritious start to the day sian and Polynesian people who rely on coconuts and coconut oil as part of their daily diet have the lowest heart disease rates in the world. Some of these people get as much as 50% of their total daily calories as saturated fat primarily from coconut oil" Dr Fife GOOD GROOMING For an effective hair conditioner massage a small amount of melted oil into your hair for several hours or overnight and shampoo out happed li Make up remover Massage o ite happy t Refined coconut oil is more processed, usually extracted from dried coconut (copra) and much of the coconut fragrance and taste has been removed. Some OIL PULLING An ancient Indian folk remedy, oil pulling is becoming increasingly popular as an effective antibacterial mouth wash, claimed to help combat problems like plaque and gingivitis. Put a tablespoon of coconut (preferably HEALTH BENEFITS There are scores of research coconut oil, discovering swear by coconut daily diet. Angelina Jolie has coconut oil with her fits. They incl breakfast every morning stimulating the thyroid virgin oil) in your mouth and swish Supermodel Miranda Ke says that eating lots of gland, helping to coconut oil has beenprtcon zed nse od suga of her beauty routine since she was 14 years old weight loss, combating days it becomes transparent and runny. Yet it's a stable oil THE REST OF THE COCONUT The Water: not to be confused with coconut milk, the water is the clear mmune system, preventing Alzheimer's disease, preventing tooth decay among numerous others. A COCONUT TRIVIA coconut, It's valued as a hydrating The coconut is botanically classified as a drupe rather than a nut The name coconut goes back to the 16th century, derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word coco, meaning a human or monkey face because of the three round indented markings on the base of the coconut While the origin of the coconut remains a subject of debate coconut palm trees are now grown in more than 80 countries in a band around the world 25°N 25°S of the equator. The products we find here are sourced from different countries including Thailand or closer to home Mozambique Total production is around rgy drink and electrolytes. The young green coconuts yield the most water - and the freshest taste - while the mature coconuts yield much more meat The Milk: is manufactured from the coconut meat which is shredded combined with water and pressed The m and immensely rich in vitamins and minerals. Like the oil, it contains lauric acid and has been shown to promote brain development and bone health. It's renowned as a flavourful base in Thai curries and sauces. However, if you're counting calories be aware that one cup contains about 500 calories as opposed to just 45 calories in coconut water Coconut cream is more concentrated The Meat: delicious eaten fresh out of the coconut, sliced or grated for various recipes or purchased ready the University of Cambridge has found that coconut oil might actually lower the risk of heart disease and stroke when consumed every day for four weeks ENJOYING THE FLAVOUR Ith bene enthusiasts rave about the aroma and taste of coconut oil. It has a relatively high smoke point and can be used in place of butter or vegetable oil in myriad foods from vegan dishes to roast lamb Try coconut oil instead of butter when cooking eggs (scrambled, fried or omelette Add it to a smoothie ons Coconut water was used in World plasma in transfusions The coconut palm can grow up to There are over 1,300 varieties of coconut, their origins form either the Pacific or Indian Ocean Every part of the coconut is used from using the shell to cook food tablespoon of coconut oil with some spices and roast until tender and The maximum age of a coconut palm is between 100 Drop a teaspoon on hot popcorn for a deliciously different flavour nd 120 ye coconutresearchcenter.org ore atio BENEFITS 59

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