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TOP HAIR CARE TIPS products that contain sulfates because these could cause further dryness and irritation. Dis-Chem sells various anti-dandruff shampoos that ease Always comb through your conditioner/treatment and leave on for the recommended time Make sure that your hair drier and iron is not older than four years. The elements get hotter and hotter as the years go on resulting hair with cooler water after washing because it seals in the moisture naturally. If possible, let your hair air dry while indoors. Volumizing products (try Dis-Chem Volumising Hair Mist or Kair Volumising Root Lifter) can also help to perk up limp hair, as will dry shampoos (try Batiste or Marc Anthony alp flaking and irritation like Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, When using a hairspray, make sure you spray it 10 to 15cm away so that the alcohol can dissolve before the hair and removes colour ar HAIR BREAKAGE Chemical treatments, mechanical and thermal damage, exposure to sunlight and excessive dryness are just some of the factors that can break down, weaken the structure of hair fibres. The end-result is not only brittle locks, but also hair breakage. So, choose rich formulations to strengthen or rebuild of year it's best to avoid products that build up in your hair rather than have to remove them Try not to leave the house with Shampoo can freeze the hair at the cuticle HAIRDRESSER HINTS Don't brush or comb hair when i is wet as this can cause hair to lose e sure to have a professiona Fly-away hair is caused by heated interior air and the contact of hair removed and your hair looks thicker and h important in winter when the cold fabric fibres of hats, headbands and clothing. The movement of improve the condition of your tresses. SPLIT ENDS The best way to maintain healthy ends is a cut or trim every six to eight weeks. On average, hair grows one and a half centimetres a month. As it gets longer, the growth slows and the hair If you colour or highlight your hair, hairspray will hold hair down and ar at to assess the impact of the chemicals needed for your desired hair colou HIDING UNDER A HAT Before putting on a cap or hat, be sure your hair is completely dry. The hand, help is just a visit to one of the slightest bit of moisture will have the becomes brittle. A trim strengthens Dis-Chem Professional Hair Salons away. Located in the following GAUTENG Killarney Mall hat setting your hair tight against your ng stores:head. Also, choose loose fitting hats ends and helps hair to continue growing. Without trimming, the hair or caps in cotton or wool - because ll eventually split from the ends up synthetic fibres will cause static and pancake flat hair. Put on your cap las thing before stepping outside into the cold, and take it off as soon as you step and promote healthy hair growth. back inside again. Then turn your head e, Randridge & the hair shaft. Silicones will help to seal the ends and prevent split ends and egular scalp massages will stimulate PRETORIA Centurion; Olympus & KWAZULU-NATAL Hillcrest. available, using products by Redken, upside down and run your fingers Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, Tigi and STRESS LESS Easier said than done, but stress has a negative impact on absolutely everything, hair included. Do your best to minimise stress through exercise, healthy diet, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water, adding appropriate vitamins to your daily through your hair - it should take on ken's One United, an all-in-one FLAT HAIR FI)X Limpness comes easily to dry winter hair. To avoid this, try not to over wash your hair and also try to skip a day er . Schwarzkopf's Moisture Kick spraybetween shampooing it so some of its health regime and getting enough natural moisture can be retained may take a while for your hair to adju to less frequent washing, as it's used to and makes an enormous difference overproducing moisturizing oils, but it to your hair health as well as skin will be worth it. Consider rinsing your and nails. B good quality sleep at night. This may sound obvious, but is often forgotten es rom heat damage leaving the hair soft, with a healthy shine and natural bounce. It also detangles BENEFITS 57

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