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Dis-Chem catalogue  - 13/08/2018 - 08/01/2019 - Sales products - ginger, orange, spinach, honey, lemon juice, tea, alcohol, blanket, Sudafed, Ibuprofen, cough drops, aspirin, Benylin, nasal spray. Page 16.
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MALARIA felt in face pain, and earache such as Sudafed, Actifed C-Ester Plus. Also rest under a warm blanket, take a steaming hot shower, and use hot and cold packs to open a The symptoms of flu and malaria can sometimes and Drixora medications may cause drowsiness CO colds seldom ta have been in a malaria area especially the past month before your flu symptoms manifested, tell your doctor immediately and get tested for n heart rate so avoid drinking alcohol when king them. Also check WHAT ABOUT EXERCISING? Exercising is not high on the agenda for most people if they have a cold or flu. If you have a cold and really want TREATING FLU u are viral conditions antibiotics have no effect on them. These are only used if an infection occurs. For flu, an antiviral such as Tamiflu is recommended, and disease, diabetes, migraines, prostate is best taken within the first 48 hours ssues, thyroid dise of symptoms first appearing but the emphysema or are pregnant sooner the better, Oscllococcinum homeopathic medication assists the body to fight flu symptoms like body for phlegm and a suppressant for a ache, chills, pain and fever. It can be safely used by children, adults and the losened and expelled elderly or try one of the products from never suppressed. the Flugon range. Complete prevention Try Benylin Wet of flu is best of all though, by havin an annual anti-flu vaccination ahead of winter. Make an appointment at your local Wellness Clinic for your annual flu shot with your doctor before ts if e high blood pressure, heart even speed up recovery, Flu is quite different though, and exercise is not advised. Remember the Head Rule if symptoms are around the head such as stuffy nose, headache or sore throat, then you probably have a cold and gentle exercise is fine. However you have fever, body aches and pain bronchitis or congestion in the chest If you're coughing, choose your cough mixture wisely: an expectorant dry cough. Phlegm must always be you probably have flu and re very important. Exercise wi IS STOMACHvery worsen the condition. Most but a virus that cause vomiting and diarancauseimportant is to use common vomiting and diarrhoea. It also can't be treated withbody and what it ne sense and listen to your antibiotics and most importantColds are almost a making it edehydration can ha Ul quickly when fluid is lost oneiting symptoms quickly, there will be CHASING OUT A COLD You can't cure a cold but you can treat the symptoms so you feel much better, while the cold takes its course. Nursing the symptoms will help you make it through winter without too much lozenges or cough drops, use a room humidifier, and use throat sprays with little interruption of life and more time to cosy up at the fire and relish the season. then visit the doctor as your throat may be infected and need antibiotics COUGHING A common symptom of upper Medications that wl ease cold symptoms include aspirin and ibuprofen, which will reduce mild pain NATURAL HELPS and fever. A saline nasal wash wil help to remove any mucus build up in treatment to ease cold symptoms the nose, while decongestant sprays like Sinutab nasal spray, gel, drops or vapours will open a blocked nose so you breathe easily and sleep better Theyre generally effective for eight to nose regularly one nostril at a time 12 hours, but be aware of the possibility gargling with salt water regularly of a rebound effect if nasal sprays are to ease a sore throat, drinking hot used longer than about five days. Then quids like ginger tea, a honey and they may have the reverse effect, cause lemon mixture, and soups. Eat foods swelling in the nasal passages and a Co Echinacea is the favourite herbal this reflex action is actually a sign your body is trying to clear away have an autoimmune disease or plant allergy. Other natural ways to ease symptoms include: blowing your mucus or irritants. lo ease coughing try a mixture of lemon juice, honey and warm water. Bio-homeopathic coughs and cold, while CoughAway or ich in vitamins A and C, like oranges tomatoes, kiwi, spinach and broccoli and take a supplement like Biogen take over-the-counter remedies or Also helpful are oral decongestan 14 BENEFITS

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