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WINTER WOES IT'S THE SEASON WHEN COLD AND FLU VIRUSES THRIVE. GIVE THESE UNWELCOME VISITORS THE TREATMENT THEY DESERVE, AND FEEL BETTER FOR IT TOO t starts off with the sniffles or a days. A headache, sore throat, blocked or runny nose may also indicate flu, and so can chest discomfort. Patients who don't stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids may need a hospital drip to restore hydration levels, while other complications include bronchitis and pneumonia, which can be life threatening in the elderly and those with a weak immune system intense body pain. Rather, colds are characterized more by a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat and a cough. Blocked sinuses, which may be scratchy throat and before you know it, crummy colds and flu are knocking at your door.. Both are caused by viruses, make you feel like you've been steamrolled by a small train, and spread like wildfire when they get going, wreaking havoc on everyone they come across. SORE THROATS That scratchy, on-fire throat sensation is all too common during winter when viruses are out in full force. In fact, the most common causes of sore throats are viral infections, such as colds and the flu. While these usually resolve on their own, bacterial infections, such as strep throat and whooping cough require targeted action and a visit to your doctor COLD AND FLU DIFFERENCES Generally, flu symptoms arrive in force and are intense. You feel very tired and weak, often with aching muscles, fevers and cold chills for up to four On the other hand, colds don't have a sudden onset but get gradually worse over a couple of days. They seldom come with extreme exhaustion, significant fever, headache or In addition to the irritation, a sore throat can make swallowing or talking difficult and painful. And don't forget about the sore swollen glands and inflamed tonsils. These are usually accompanied by a collection of equally miserable symptoms, including fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, body aches and even ausea and vomiting. During winter, lowered immunity is one of the most important risk factors for infections. So boost your immune system by eating healthily drinking enough fluids and managing your stress levels to help your body recover more quickly. Importantly make sure you get enough rest. It ay also be a good idea to opt fora humidifier to combat the aggravating effect of dry air on your sore throat. However, consult your doctor if the pain and discomfort are severe or accompanied by fever or yellowish/ greenish phlegm. The same goes if it lasts for longer than a week or gets progressively worse. 12 BENEFITS

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