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Devland catalogue  - 23/09/2021 - 20/10/2021 - Sales products - beans, orange, sardines, chakalaka, milk, toffee, candy, chewing gum, biscuit, baked beans, Pepsi, energy drink, Monster, juice, Monster Energy, mineral water, bottled water, Bonaqua, Boost, tea bags, rooibos tea, wipes, nappies, bleach, thick bleach, bubble bath, Infinity, pin. Page 11.
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Legendary brands do not necessarily stagnate and remain the same. Pepsi is clear proof because it is constantly coming up with new products. What can you taste?

The Pepsi brand is a legend among sweetened cola-flavoured soft drinks. You have been enjoying its unique taste for more than 100 years, which every company cannot boast of. Today, you can try many unique products from it, which boast a unique recipe and unmistakable taste. Classic Pepsi with sugar, Max without sugar, or fruit variants with lime, mango, vanilla, pineapple, and others. It always enlivens boring afternoons and refreshes you during a hot day. You can buy them in eight different sizes (from 0.25 ml to 2.5 l), in glass, sheet metal and plastic. In any case, you will get your favourite taste for a great price.

ENRUMIND TEA BAGS REMIUME ENDA BAS LUCKY STAR ABI Lucky Star Pilchards Assorted Lucky Star Pilchards ICKÝ STAR LUCKÝ STA LUCKY STAR Valpre Still Watēr Bonaqua Pump Spārletta Assorted Assorted TAP UCKY STAR 24x155g VALPRE VALPRE VALPRI Spo 21099 PILCHARDS IN TOMATO SAUCE PILCHARD WIEEY CHILL LCHARO 12x400g 24x215g 24x500ml IN Bor CHILLI LA 24x750ml PILGHYRDS IN NOT CHILLI SACE FR212 99 6x21t 27599 16499 PILCHARDS IN TOMATO SAUCI 17499 B89 99 Lucky Star. Chakalaka Assorted TAD Lucky Star Baked Beans LUCKY STAR KUCKY STAR Соса Cola Original Only ICKY STAR ICKY STAR Play Energy Drink Assorted Monster Energy Drink LUCKY STAR 12x1.25It oca-ColaCoca-Cola et erl (Excl. Deposit) Dn play R999 11799 CHAKALAK MILD E SPICY CHAKALAKA 12x410g BAKED BEA BAKED BEANS IN TOMAIO SAICE 12x410g MILDE SPICT IN TOMATO SAIC NERET JUICE NST MONSTER 24x440ml 11799 CHAKALAKA BAKED BEANS 6x2lt 24x500ml 99 RIGIANA 624999 MILD E SPICT 3099 IN TOMATO SAUCE KHANS CHEMICALS Everyday Low Prices Star Lite Fabric SoftenerR Star Lite Dishwashing Liguid Angie Bubble Bath Assorted Miracle Mom Bleach Miracle Mom Pine Gel Terminate Thick Bleach PACK MAKE STAR LITE PACK 5x400ml 6x1lt Mirecle MAKE 500ml 4899 55 99 Мом 73 99 12 99 Refill 500ml STAR AR NTE mirla fem STAR 2lt MOM 5x750ml MOM MOM PINE GEL 99 nee 1.5lt 1lt 750ml B32 99 G1699 1799 626 99 TRADE KINGS Everyday Low Prices Monsta Pops Assorted Amazon Eclair Pops Milkit Pops Assorted Milkit Chews Assorted, Milkit Toffee BarJar Assorted Super Fusion Pops Assorted AMAZO Ailki Milkit AMATO ir POPI AMA ColliPops RUIT POPE berry Milki WS EElair Pops Chews 48's Hilki TOFFEE BAR lON POPS! SOUR Milki? TDFFEE BAR FUSION TIT 48's 48's 40 POPS! 2799 50's 50's 3599 3099 40's 1299 B2999 13 99 48 Hilk TOFFEE EAR 40 INFINITY CARE Everyday Low Prices Playtime Disposable Nappies S/M/L/XL Little Bear Nappies Soft & Dry Little Bear Classic Infinity Adult Diaper Little Bear Wet Wipes Beak Nappies M/L/XL M/L/XL Car opers S/M/L/XL Infinity Care Adult Diaper BeaR Day 20's 20's R26 99 Bear 32 99 Infunity Care 50 25 Adult Diapers BeaR WerWipes OFFO 50's 50's 25's 10's 80's 6199 25 R7799 GENERAL R3499 R5999 16 99 L 010 JOEKELS Dragon Energy Red Bulls Reboost, Energy Pepsi Drink Kingsley Assorted Twizza Assorted S00m Drink Assorted Energy Drink Assorted Refreshhh! Assorted Laager Rooibos. Tea Assorted 6x20's RAAN Bul Feam oda Laager 7199 Cola Bul boost Ref ACON Rooibos Te 6x40's Laager 106 99 ebos DRAGON 24x500ml 4x250ml 24x500ml peps 6x2lt 6x21t 6x2lt G13699 52 99 869 6x2lt G134 99 C4899 BAT99 BA799 Strip 4x5x10's 4x80's MR Orange Fusion Juice) Assorted Thirst Buster Assorted Drink-o-Pop Assorted 10999 12499 Coffex Dr. Milk Tea Time Теа Bags ТЕА 10х26's 1lt ES649 TEA TIME TIM 58 99 Offex 6x100's 21t FSion 60x5g 72's 1kg TEA 7 99 TIStrips 4x5x10's 5lt 199 1kg 32 99 63199 99R4 499 RA499 R999 Rooibos 199 4x80's Striker Biscuits Assorted Toros Tubs Assorted OR S TOR S 58 99 THE TEAFE Pengo Chewy Candy engo YoguetalPops Assorted Yogueta Eclair Popsguala Assorted N Pin Pop. Bucia Tetley Tea Bags Tetley Choey Cone HEM Yogucia Tetley PIN POP BLACK engo Yoguela 50 48x50g Eelar 900g 100 s 48's 48's R65 99 Yoke 48's 102's 36 99 8799 3199 03499 63199 2499 02 102 10% While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We can't be held responsible for an delivery delays from suppliers. We will not be responsible for any supplier price increases. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Subject to availability of stock. E. & O.E. 11 bonaqua dund pnbouog dund pnbouog ANGIE

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