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S Bioplus Booster Sachets Assorted Turbovite Sachets Assorted BIOPLUS- BIOPLUS S Woodwards Gripe Water WOODWARD'S GRIPE WATER BIOPLUS PLUS→ 48x10ml F16499 DODWARD'S GRIPE VATER 6x150ml R16799 Lil-Lets Essentials Pads Assorted WILITY turbovite BLAST Cuticura Ointment S turbe thebowity KTALERY bavite turbevite 48x10ml *$13499 100 Cuticura antiseptic ointment Pata Sch Cuticura antiseptic ointment 10 g 10 g 12x10g *R19299 Lil-Lets Tampon Dispenser Assorted COSMETICS Freshen Laxative Salts FRESHEN FRESHEN LAXATIVE DELASIONAL CONSTIPATION EF SUMILY DOST Cuticura Soap LAXATIVE DECASIONAL CONSTIPATION F 72x8.5g 18999 Cuticura Face B SCRUB Cuticura OIL CONTROL Cuticura Face Ba GENTLE HYGIENE CAM & PROTECTS 100 g 100g 6x100g LCC Cough Syrup Assorted LCC. 50ml Cough Mixture Original Formula 50ml LCC-G Gualphenesin Cough Remedy Orange Flavour 6x50ml R12199 Barium Enema Syringe No.2 Bariam ENEMA SYRINGE R94.99 No.3 (4's) R8999 10499 Clean-a-Medic Douche Can Bariam ENEMA SYRINGE No. 4 $10999 $12499 No. 6 No. 7 13799 Pakmed Aloes Everyday Low Prices PAKMED PAKMED ALOES Aalwyn DES wyn 12x15g 12499 Babyline Petroleum Jelly TOP SOCIETY* PETROLEUM JEL Eveready R20PP Batteries TOP SOCIETY* EUM JELLY Black Forest Tea HATEST BLACK FOREST HERBAL TEA- BLACK FOREST HERBAL TEA BLACK FOREST HERBAL TEA 1x10's R2499 Angel Petroleum Jelly Angel Angel 6x500ml R19199 Petroleum Jelly Perfumed Lucky Star Agar 1x225ml $1699 1x500ml €3099 Assorted shr NEW Lil-lets essentials 30 Individually wrapped unscented pacis with winns 30s BULK Lillets lillets Lil-Lets Clean-a-MEDIC Efekto Supa-Kill Efekto PACK 30's B2499 Rat & Mouse SCIENTIFIC Sachets SIPA-KILL Efekto SCIENTIFIC SUPA-KILL Efekto Elekto SCIENTIFIC Supa-Kill SUPA-KILL Rat & Mouse Granular feldo SCIENTIFIC SUPA-KILL & MOUSE ON RAIT 6x10's R7999 Newden Madūbula MADUBULA household disinfectant FOR EXTERNAL 100 ml MADUBULA household disinfectant FOR EXTERNAL 100 ml PO BO417 ST Each R3399 Shield Splash Shampoo RAT & MOUSE POISON BAIT Ready Afri Ware Basin 100 g 100 g DGHA 100g R1699 RAT & MOUSE POISON RAIT 250 g EX 2509 * Elite Coffee Mug 250g *R4399 T6000 NEWDEN BORANG MALI P PLAYS Elite Biscuit Barrel NEWDEN 5x100ml 64199 SHIELD Wash Wax car shampoo SPLASH CLEANS SHINES & WAXES IN ONE EASY OPERATION Elite Jug SL 186 SILVER ewerglas SILVER 1x5lt R11799 EVEREADY EVEREADY powerplus SILVER powerplus SILVER 1x12's JⓇ13499 Shield Sheen X-Treme 750ml EXTRA VALUE SHIELD SHEEN X-TREME 750 ml EXTRA VALUE 750ml EXTRA VALUE SHIELD SHIELD SHEEN -TREME www.SHEEN X-TREME Mus Debardas Elite Lunch Box 1x750ml R6999 Hangers Potpourri Potpourri Potpourri 1x12's R2999 Elite Snack Bowl 1x20's 22.99 Elite Salad Bowl & Lid (Premium) 12lt 1x26cm R599 Party Chair Each R399 Afriware Rope Tup Each R1199 Afriware Basin 1x1.5lt R999 Bucket (No Lid) Asst. Colours 16 Shite 1xEach R799 Afriware Cooler-Box- 1xEach 6499 Each R2799 Each R3999 1x75lt $5499 1x56cm D2999 1x9lt R1199 While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We can't be held responsible for an delivery delays from suppliers. We will not be responsible for any supplier price increases. All prices are inclusive of VAT Subject to availability of stock. E.&O.E. 1x27lt $139⁹⁹

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