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Playboy Deodorant Assorted Playboy Roll-on Assorted COSMETICS Playgirl Roll-on Assorted PLAYBOY PLAYBOY CODE BLACK PLAYBOY AMAZON HYPNOTIZE DreamGirl Perfume Assorted Shower to Shower Roll-on Assorted Everyday Low Prices Lulu Assorted 6x150ml 1459⁹ PLAYBOY AMAZON PLAYBOY ORIGINAL PLAYBOY BLACK GOLD 6x50ml HW R8599 Gold Series Perfume Assorted BEVER HILLS PERFUME BPE ROCKCANDY PERFUME SPRAY LD SPRAY PLAYgir Jorbidden PLAYgirl love is Garnier Roll-on Assorted PLAYgirl dove potion 6x50ml R8599 Shower Shower Fresh Dawn 48h t 48 ANTI-PERSPIRANT Shower Shower MEN Blue Ice Roll-on Assorted 6x50ml R8599 LULU Musk No.1 PARPUN DE PAR LULU Deep Musk Sadie Roll-on Assorted LULU Black Musk PARFUM OF PAR 6x65ml *R9999 INSTANT C DREA DREAM Girl ORIGINAL DREAM Girl LOVE 3x100ml R6899 Body Talk Body Lotion Assorted Bol TALL Bed TALK TALK CLAR Perfume Bod, Louis BUTTER Body Ladan GOLD SERIES S GOLD SERIES S 3x250ml R6399 Satiskin Bubble Bath Assorted Satiskin A for fosy fioral bexiquet 1x2lt *6399 Lennon Jamaika Gemmer Gemmer N Jamaika Gemmer Aroficher N Jamaika Gemmer S GOLD SERIE S GOLD SEARS Top Society Body Cream Assorted Zana Soft Petroleum Jelly D ERIES 1x100ml R3999 JOP CIETY TOP SOCIETY Luxurious Body Cream Cocoa Butter FOR ALL SKEN TYPES SOFT 6x125ml PETROLER68 *6899 12x250ml SOFT 19999 PETROLEUM JELLY 250 ml Lennon Entressdruppels Extra trappels HM Entress- druppels HM w HM 1x500ml $28.99 Entress- druppels HM Body Cream Que TYPES 1x500ml R2199 GARNIER mineral Invisible ANTITANFADING 48h BLACK Ave Maria WHITE Wow Sas COLORS Acing COOL ARNIER MEN mineral LVIN SEWERTHE (S. ALCOHOL 6x50ml M125⁹⁹ Clere Body Crème Assorted Clare Clere Pure Glycerine Enriched neushing body crima Lanolin & Glycerine Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream Gendly more etts -Free us Cream urises 1x350g 2199 1x500g $29.99 Painblok Tablets. PAINBLOK For Relief of Pain and Fever Paracetamol 500 mg/tablet 48 richad 6x300ml $124.99 6x500ml *1659⁹ INSTANT C BLUE ICE BLUE ICE BLUE ICE RHYTH CLASSIC 48 HR PURE ICE 48 HR 48 HR PESVEN EFFICACT PROVEN EFFICACY PROVEN EFFICACY Clere Hand & Body Lotion Assorted Susa Amabala Complexion Lotion TOP * SOCIETY Susa Amabala complexion lotion EAST AND COINS CL isa bala ion lotion Y COW HOLD O Compral Tablets Compral Cler Cocoa butter 6x100ml Sadie Sadie FRESH PERFUME funky musk FRESH PERFUME mystic jazz Sadie FRISH PERFUME fame jasmin 6x40ml H H R7399 lere Clere G Avocado le & Glycen Clere Glycerine 6x40ml B73.99 Clere Clere 6x200ml pure GLYCERINE pure GLYCERINE 8699 6x400ml $124.99 Brooklax ChocolateLATION BROOKLAX SENNA LAXATIVE CHOCOLATE FOR RELIEF OF OCCASIONAL CONSTIPATION NEW FORMULATION BROOKLAX SENNA LAXATIVE CHOCOLA12x4's FOR RELIEF OF CONSTIPATION 79992999 48 x 2 Panado Tablets aliquo Tablets The GP's Choice Benylin 6x100ml $7699 Benylin Cough Syrup Assorted Benylin Wet Cough Cogenthol cus Relief Mucus Reliefsee thest mucus Then as Chest 6x50ml $15799 Panado Cough Syrup Assorted Panado Panado Jamaika Gemmer Aquafresh Toothpaste Aquafresh all-in-one protection Aquafresh oli-in-one protecGon Aquafresh oll-in-one protection aika Gemmer 12x20ml R29999 fresh & minty fresh & minty "Entressdruppels HM essdruppels HM 12x20ml R29999 Med-Lemon MED LEMON Assorted MED-LEMON MED LEMON FOR COLDED RELIEVER www.& ODC 48 48x2's £5999 The Power to Block path 48x2's $79.99 HALEON PRODUCTS Grand-Pa Headache Powders GRANDPA 144 SACHETS GRAND-PA HEADACHE POWDERS HOOFPYNPOEIERS Grand-Pa Headache¸ Powders GRAND-PA 38 GRAND-PA HEADACHE POWDERS 48x2's R7999 www 6x50ml R1649⁹ Everyday Low Prices Eno Fruit Salts ENO Assorted ENO ENO fresh & minty 12x100ml 32 R17999 1x72's $44899 HEADACHED TOOTHACHE PAIN AND FEVER 1x144's R28499 GRAND-PA 38- GRAND-PA FOR THE RELAPOR Race HEADACHE POWDERS 1x38's REPULAR 72 1x72's 72 SACHETS -R7599 B26999 While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We can't be held responsible for an delivery delays from suppliers. We will not be responsible for any supplier price increases. All prices are inclusive of VAT Subject to availability of stock. E.&O.E. 15

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