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Choppies Specials
Choppies Specials
Choppies Specials


With its head office and first store opening in Botswana in 1986, the Choppies logo has gained popularity amongst consumers in South Africa. Choppies has also expanded by acquiring the local South African retailer Jwayelani in 2016. The Choppies branches have further strived to provide private brands that maintain both high quality and low prices.

Choppies stores can also be found across the country with stores in Pretoria North, Rustenburg, Witbank, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Klerksdorp, and more. The Choppies Group is also available in 7 other African countries.

The great value-for-money products available at all Choppies supermarket chains include fresh and frozen food items, beauty and cosmetic products, baby products, cleaning detergents, household products, and snacks.

The Choppies wide range of home brand products is additionally what separates this grocery retailer from the rest, as their products are affordable and made with quality assurances. These home brands include the Choppies juice, dishwashing liquid, baked beans, olive oil, and more.

For more information on the Choppies home brand products, visit their website at You can also access their comprehensive specials catalogue that provides consumers with discounted prices on a variety of products here.


  • Great Promotional Prices: The seasonal promotions offered at Choppies’ stores allow customers to pay less on their grocery products with discounted rates on a variety of items including meats, packaged foods, cleaning detergents, and more.
  • Quality Home Brand: The Choppies quality home brand products provide customers with a range of affordable items that ensure value-for-money and customer satisfaction.
  • Creating Career Opportunities: Choppies strives to relieve the burden on unemployment by creating job opportunities in a number of work fields. For more information on the latest vacancies available, visit their careers page here.
  • Good Customer Service: All floor staff at each Choppies branch is trained to assist you with all your purchase needs to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience.


Choppies stores are located across South Africa ensuring that you find the store closest to you, follow the store finder here for more information. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 08:00am-8:00pm, Saturday: 08:00am-7:00pm, and Sunday: 08:00am-3:00pm. These hours may vary between each Choppies branch.

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