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Save Xtraon Baby Essentials YGGIES HUGGIE SAVE R50 HUG 249 99 gold complete skin comfort HUGG X WITH CARD Huggies Gold/ per pack Extra Care Jumbo Pack Disposable Nappies extra care our perfect skin protection new baby Weigh quality ingredients SAVE R40 9999 WITH CARD 224/288 per pack SAVE R80 19999 WITH CARD Johnson's Extra Sensitive/Gentle All Over Baby Wipes value PediaSure NEW 3+ Nutritional Supplement for Growing Children 3 Pe All Variants Each, Children Nutritional Supplement for 0% and fragrance Johnson's extra sensitive wipes fragrance free developed for newborns pack 224 TRIPLESURE SYSTEM 196 1-618 For children aged 3-10 years CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR yummy for the tummy SQUISH SAVE R13 Carro ANY 3 FOR Pos R35 WITH CARD PURITY PURITY Apples 7 SAVE 16% ANY 3 FOR R40 WITH CARD 3 x 110ml Purity Baby Food Pouch/125ml 2nd Foods Jar All Variants PURITY Banana Custard 00 PURITY Guava & Yoghurt SAVE 15% ANY 2 FOR R32 WITH CARD 2 x 200ml Purity 3rd Foods Baby Food All Variants PURITY Just Add Milk Instant Oats Baby Cereal Original Jungle SAVE R10 44.99 WITH CARD feeding time munchkin is the little thing jolly tots E 3 x 110ml Rhodes Squish Baby Food Pouch All Variants FUTURELIFE SAVE R20 ANY 2 FOR R40 WITH CARD 2 x 250g FutureLife Tots Toddler Cereal All Variants PURITY PUR PUR PURIT SAVE R15 ANY 5 FOR R60 WITH CARD 5 x 200ml Purity 100% Fruit Juice Blend All Variants NIDO Powdered Drink Growing Children SCHOOL Sysars 0900 1799⁹ 900g Nestlé Nido 3+ Powdered Drink for Growing Children BO NOT LIFT HERE parmalat GROWT parmalat Purity Oats. Flavoured Baby Cereal Just Add Milk All Variants Each 14999 6x1/ Parmalat Growth: 3+ Low Fat Dairy Blend BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x Munchkin Flip Straw/Bite Train/ Spill-Proof/ Lock Bite Sippy Cup . All Variants SAVE R10 39 99 per set WITH CARD Jolly Tots Travel Feeding Bowls with Spoon - 2-Piece 10 blend 6 x 11 0-6m tommee tippee tommes anytime tionee gentle care Bepanthen Baby SAVE R30 8999 WITH CARD Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment Sudocrem SAVE R20 9999 125g WITH CARD Sudocrem Skin & Baby Barrier Care Cream HUGGIES pure 7999 4x56 per pack Huggies Pure Baby Wipes. 99% HUGGIES extra care 8999 per pack Huggies Extra Care Disposable Nappies Size 0 Pure Chilb + Wash NO 100 Pure Infant BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x Pure Soap 100g/ Child Wash 400ml/ Reitzer's Baby Aqueous Cream 500ml/Soap 100g 4x MONTHLY SAVINGS PACK value pack value pack & valve p imax 100% Punified Water Pampers sensitive 224 SAVE R40 0= 12999 4x56/64 per pack WITH CARD Pampers Sensitive/ Complete Clean Baby Wipes BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x Epi-Max Baby Products All Variants 6-18 tippe style orthodontic SAVE R40 119.99 WITH CARD per pack Tommee Tippee Fun/Anytime Soothers ⚫ All Variants .0-6/6-18 Months . 2-Pack Tippee Superstar Lippes superstar SAVE R60 13999 WITH CARD Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Drink/ Active Sport/Straw Cup All Variants SAVE R20 2 FOR R80 WITH CARD 2 x 10 per pack Lil-lets Maternity Sanitary Pads SAVE R10 6999 pack WITH CARD Cherubs Nursing Pads BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x Dove Baby Toiletry Products All Variants BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 30% WITH CARD 2 x Himalaya Baby Toiletry Products All Variants (Excludes Baby Powder) SAVE R41 ANY 2 FOR R99 WITH CARD 2 x 500ml Johnson's Baby Jelly/Aqueous Cream Lil-lets maternity cherubs 30 cherubs BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x Milton Sterilising Fluid 1/Sterilising Fluid 500ml/Sterilising Tablets 32 per pack/Sterilising Surface Spray 500ml 104 babyDo baby Dove Himalaya SINCE 1930 Gentle baby + Mimalava FINCE 1932 02 moisturizing Johnson Johnson's baby baby Milton Mitt Milton STERILISING 60 OFFERS VALID FROM THURSDAY 28 MARCH 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 07 APRIL 2024. PRICES APPLY TO CHECKERS BAYSIDE MALL, SHOP 84, BAYSIDE CENTRE, CNR OTTO DU PLESSIS DRIVE & BLAAUWBERG ROAD, TABLE VIEW, CAPE TOWN, 7441. Page 15 999 WCFOCLCYLA/E

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