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FOR Affordable Healthcare Made Easy Dynadol Syrup Medirite+ 50 Health Dynado Syrup CONTAINS PARACETAN + BETTER M YOU Syru [307] Mediril Dynadol Syrup CONTAINS PARACETAMOL SAVE R26 BUY 2 FOR R50 WITH CARD Medirite Dynadol Syrup 2 x 100ml Medirite+ Folic Acid 500 µg BETTER M Freelam 100 ml 20 Ashton & Parsons P stare of misaria Health 60 YOU 20 Ashton & Parsons TEETHING POWDERS tincture of matricaria For teething pain relief For oral use A traditional hadice mot med for the of thing sympatic with leng such as one and onder gums, fushed chey and orbbing beed on one use only Telament Paediatric Gripe Water Alcohol Free Helps relieve the discomfort of postur wind and indigestion SAVE R9 SAVE R7 2999 3799 3799 pack X WITH CARD Medirite Folic Acid Tablets Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders X WITH CARD Telament Gripe Water for effective rel ef Karvo DECONGESTANT CHEST RUB SAVE R12 4299 WITH CARD Karvol Chest Rub Panado NEW Panado SAVE R15 54.99 100ml each WITH CARD syrup for effective relief Karvol DECONGESTANT INHALATION CAPSULES Relieves blocked noses and bronchitis SAVE R18 64,99 10 per pack WITH CARD 10 malaya Zinium infant DROPS PHIPP'S MILK OF MAGNESIA TEENSON LANSEERMIDDEL PHIPP'S MILK OF MAGNESIA SAVE R20 5999 100ml each WITH CARD Bonnisan For bom healthy las SAVE R25 74.99 120ml WITH CARD ZINC SAVE R25 84.99 30ml WITH CARD Panado Paediatric Syrup All Variants SCOTTS Improve Karvol Decongestant Inhalation Capsules SCOTT'S EMULSION ORANGE FLAVOUR IMMUNITY SUPPORT "Gelusil Plus Heartburn relief in pregnancy Telament Telament Paedianic Colic Drops Phipp's Regular/Tutti Frutti Milk of Magnesia ✔ree from Athel Colman 0+ Himalaya Bonnisan Infant Tonic NEW Medirite+ BETTER YOU Zinium Infant Drops BETTER TER FOR YOU CALCIUM SAVE R25 8999 200ml WITH CARD Dual action BARRIER Heartburn RELIE SAVE R30 For infont colic & wind SAVE R40 infacol Simeticone 40 mg/ml Oral Suspension effective colic relief Relieves & Calms +Grampan SAVE R50 11499 12999 12999 WITH CARD WITH CARD Scott's Orange Emulsion Gelusil Plus Antacid Telament Paediatric Colic Drops SYRUP Vi-Daylin Syrup Daily muhi ly multivitamin supplement DROPS Vi-Daylin Plus Iron with minero BUY ANY & SAVE 25% WITH CARD DROPS Vi-Daylin Drops supplement Vi-Daylin Multivitamin Drops 25ml/30ml/Syrup 150ml Each ProbiFlora Probiotic Infant Drops 3 Strain Regular BUY & SAVE 30% WITH CARD Probiflora Probiotic Infant Drops 5ml DAILY USE STÉRIMAR NASAL HYGIENE baby Gently cleanse NEW SHORT-TERM USE WITH CARD Infacol Colic Relief STÉRIMAR BLOCKED NOSE baby-child Clears booked no Helps protect against colde SAVE R50 154.99 Χ WITH CARD each Stérimar Baby Hygiene/ Blocked Nasal Spray Paediatric Probiotic Drops Medirite LACTONESLUS HENTA 5m Pregnancy Supplement 3-IN-ONE Tablets, 30 Mineral Tablets & 30tamin Tules 30 SAVE R70 12999 14999 Medirite Paediatric Probiotic Drops SAVE R50 BOTH FOR R90 WITH CARD Medirite Pregnancy Test Each & Ovulation Test 3 per pack dirite+ vulation est EARLY DETECTION MIDSTREAM TEST dock Deculte in minutes Single Medirite+ Midstream Pregnancy Test EARLY DETECTION WITH CARD Medirite Pregnancy Supplement 3-in-One + Highly accurate Results in 3 minutes Single use only OFFERS VALID FROM MONDAY 18 MARCH 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 7 APRIL 2024. PRICES APPLY TO CHECKERS & CHECKERS HYPER STORES GAUTENG, BRITS, KLERKSDORP, LIMPOPO, MPUMALANGA, POTCHEFSTROOM & RUSTENBURG, EXCEPT MAFIKENG, LICHTENBURG & CHECKERS FOODS STORES. BETTER M 3 tests YOU + 1 test Page 15 99€ GNFOCCCUNB/E

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