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CAMERO 5-PIECE BEDROOM SUITE R12999⁹⁹ Deposit R1300 R771 x 36 months Credit Price R27 756 STANFORD WALL BED R13999⁹⁹ Deposit R1400 R817 x 36 months Credit Price R29412 ANEEKAH 5-PIECE BEDROOM SUITE R28999⁹⁹ Deposit R2900 R1511x36 month Credit Price R54396 FINCHLEY BEDROOM SUITE R29999⁹⁹ Deposit R3000 R1557 x 36 m Credit Price R56052 dé You have the right to delay the signing of an agreement by 5 (five) days to consider the documents. In addition, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 5 (five) business days from the date of invoice to cancel the deal and to request a refund. For any queries/complaints, please phone our call centre on 0800 228 444 SAVE R1000 AMEERAH 3-DOOR SLIDING ROBE R13999⁹⁹ Deposit R1400 R817 x 36 month Credit Price R29412 VIENNA 3-DOOR MIRROR ROBE R7999⁹⁹ Deposit R800 R533 x 36 month Credit Price R19 188 LEGACY 4-DOOR 4-DRAWER MIRROR ROBE R11999⁹⁹ Deposit R 1200 R724 x 36 month Credit PriceR26064 GRANDIOSE 4-DOOR 2-DRAWER MIRROR ROBE R12999⁹⁹ Deposit R1300 R77136 Credit Price R27 756 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL RANGE

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