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Really Cares about Youl SINCE 1930 SINOTEC 43" LED TV R5499⁹⁹ Deposit R550 R395x36 month Credit Price R14220 SINOTEC 50" POLICE LED TV MART R8999⁹⁹ Deposit R900 R581x36 m Credit Price R20916 Hisense 65" UHD SMART TV R16999⁹⁹ Deposit R1700 R952 x 36 months Credit Price R34272 A Lewis Group social project 14 INTEREST RATE: 25.25% DON'T BURN YOUR BUDGET, SAVE WITH BEARES S SAVE R500 4K UHD SAVE R1000 4K UHD SAVE R1000 Supporting communities that support us From companionship programmes to healthcare initiatives, organisations that care for the elderly are creating a safety net of love and support. By contributing to their hard work, Beares hopes to highlight their kindness and strengthen the essential services that these organisations provide for senior citizens. SINOTEC 32" LED TV R36999⁹⁹9 Deposit R370 R295 x 36 month Credit PriceR10620 POLICE - Hisense 32" SMART LED TV R4999⁹⁹9 Deposit R500 R365 x 36 month Credit Price R13 140 4K UHD 4K UHD 4K UHD Hisense 40" SMART LED TV R6999⁹⁹ co REZ R700 47736 Credit PriceR17 172 50" SMART LED TV R11999⁹9⁹ Depost R1200 1721-36 Credit Price 25956 SAMSUNG 557000KXA UHD SMART LED TV R14999⁹⁹ Deposit R1500 286036 Cadice 30960 Hisense 70 SMART UND TV R199999⁹ Depost 2000 100136 Credit Price R39276

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