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WHILE STOCKS LAST SAVE R4000 LAVINIA 3-PIECE 3-MOTION LEATHER UPPERS LOUNGE SUITE R33999⁹⁹ Deposit R3400 R1753 x 36 months Credit Price R63 108 AU SENNA CHAISE LOUNGE SUITE & CONSOLE R119999⁹⁹ Deposit R 1200 R736 x 36 months Credit Price R26 496 MALZ WHILE STOCKS LAST SAVE R2000 ASHFORD 3-PIECE 5-MOTION LOUNGE SUITE R34999⁹⁹ Deposit R3500 R1800 x 36 months Credit Price R6-4800 SAVE R500 @ze Hobbs Russell 36 LITRE MICROWAVE R29999⁹9⁹ Deposit R300 R255 x 36 months Credit Price R9 180 WEMBLEY COFFEE TABLE R54999 posit R550 R41236 mana Credit Price R14 832 SAVE R1000 JASMIN COFFEE TABLE R64999⁹ Deposit R650 R467 x 36 months Credit Price R16 812 FINCHLEY COFFEE TABLE R4499⁹⁹ Deposit R450 R353 x 36 month Credit Price R12708 WHILE STOCKS LAST LAURENT 3-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE R21 999⁹9⁹ Deposit R2200 R1198 x 36 months Credit Price R43 128 WHILE STOCKS LAST! SAVE R500 tr SAVE R1000 KC766GES 6-BURNER GAS/ELECTRIC STOVE R12999⁹⁹ Deposit R1300 R771 x 36 months Credit Price R27756 UP TO oooo 366 MONTHS TO PAY VERA COFFEE TABLE R6999⁹9⁹ Deposit R700 R493 x 36 mo Credit Price R17 748 Russell Hobbs ALZA CHEST FREEZER 330-251 LITRE R7499⁹9⁹ Deposit R750 R507 x 36 months Credit Price R18252 SAVE R3000 SAME-DAY DELIVERY SAVE R500 cend

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