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Protex Bath Soap 100g x 12's 150g x 12's 6499 14599 Unit R5.41 Unit R12.16 Protex FRESH Dettol Original Dettol Bath Soap 175g/150g x 12's Lifebuoy 14299 175g x 6's 7499 FRUIT SCENE Bath Soap Unit R11.91 Red Only Unit R12.49 Savlon ORIGINAL HYGIENE SOAP Savlon Bath Soap 175g x 12's 13699 Unit R11.41 Satiskin Bubble Bath Securex Securex Securex Bath Soap 175g x 4's 3899 Unit R9.74 Satiskin Fruit Scene Bath Soap 175g x 6's Supplier Out of Stock Top Society eve Eve Johnson's Baby Bath Soap 175g x 12's 100g x 12's Bath Soap 15999 11699 150g x 12's 89 99 Unit R7.49 Clere MEN Shower 2Lt Unit R13.33 Unit R9.75 619 99 Gel Johnson's 400ml 1Lt 34.99 Nivea Clere Body Cream 3699 LUX Soft Touch For noticeably soft skin Sunlight Lux Bath Soap 175g x 6's 74.99 Unit R12.49 Touch of Pearl Sona Bath Soap 300g x 10's Flower Bath Soap 300g x 10's Bath Soap 300g x 10's 200g x 10's Sunlight 9299 69 99 8999 7999 Bath Soap 175g x 6's 6299 Unit R10.49 Unit R9.29 Unit R6.99 Touch of Pearls Sona Top Society Susa Amabala Soap Young & Mousson Foam Bath Satiskin 100g x 6's In Store Hand Promotion Lovely Soap Bar 100g 99 Wash TOP 2Lt 400ml SOCIETY 2999 Susa Amabalat complexion soap bar Young & Lovely SOAP BAR 100 g M SUPER MAX TOP 100 Body Body Cream Lotion 250ml 350ml Clere Clere NEW 450ml FIRE 1399 1999 259 Clere Pet Jelly Original Only Blue Seal Clere TOP SOCIETY 100ml x 6's 84.99 50ml x 12's 6999 250ml x 6's 15999 Top Society Nail Polish Remover 100ml 1299 TOP✶Top Society SOCIETY Susa Susa Amabala amabala 100ml x 6's In Store Promotion Super Max Shaving Foam 250ml 2199 Vaseline BLUESEAL cutex Vaseline 100ml x 12's 18999 50ml x 12's 11499 250ml x 6's 184.99 Cutex Nail Polish Remover 100ml 1549 Pond's Vanishing Cream 50ml x 6's 97 99 POND'S 100ml In Store Promotion Nivea Shaving HIVEA MEN NIVEA MEN 5 FOAM Foam 200ml 3999 Shaving Gel 200ml 6899 TOP SOCIETY PHROLEUM JHA 300ml 2199 500ml 2699 Baby line Petroleum Ingram's THE з постов CAMPHOR CHA Herbal Jelly 500ml Johnson's 29 99 ADVANCE CASH & CARRY Even Lovely Even & Lovely Cream 25ml 899 Gillette Shaving Gel 200ml Gillette 5999 Shaving Foam 200ml In Store Promotion jelly lightly fragrancad Johnson's baby powder bod Ingram's Camphor Cream 500ml 4199 Johnson's Baby Jelly 250ml 29 99 325ml 34.99 500ml 42 99 Johnson's Baby Powder 100g 99 179 200g 23 99 400g 3899 Body Doc Tissue Oil Cream 500ml 24.99 Kiwi Shoe Polish Black Only KIWI50ml x 24's 375 99 200ml.x.6's 100ml x 12's 31099 35999 Dentazyme Toothpaste Close up Toothpaste Pepsodent Toothpaste Colgate 100g x 6's 4299 original Dentazyme Dentazyme Sadie/Blue Ice Roll on 40ml x6's JANT 125g x 6's DEEP ACTION 65ml x 6's 150ml x 6's 199 7699 4499 849 closeup closeup DEEP ACTION BREATH Clere Roll on 50ml x 6's Pepsodent Pepsodent SWANKE Swankie Roll on 50ml x 6's Triple Action Toothpaste 100ml NIVEA Nourishing TOP SOCIETY Body Lotion/ Cream 250ml 4899 KIVE 400ml NOSSNOW dawn 51 99 Dawn Body Lotion 200ml x 6's Clere 400ml 749⁹ 99 Cream 400ml x 6's 6499 1899 11999 Top Society Tissue Oil Aqueous Cream 500ml 1949 Clere Glycerine 100ml x 6's Clere 8199 50ml x 12's Labello 10899 200ml x 6's 16999 Labello Lip balm Tray 12's Asst 19599 Clere/Clere Men Body Lotion 200ml x 6's 8399 400ml x 6's 11999 TALK Body Talk Body Lotion 250ml 1949 Elizabeth Anne's Aqueous Cream Baby Line Aqueous TOP SOCIETY Cream Johnson's Aqueous Cream 500ml Johnson's PURITY 350ml baby aqueous ce AQUEOUS CREAM In Store Dolly Varden LIPICE Promotion Dolly Varden Glycerine 100ml x 6's 7799 Lip Ice Tray 24's 23999 Shower to Listerine Mouth Wash Shower Men Roll on Promo OF Shower Shower Pack 72 99 Aquafresh Toothpaste 50ml x 12's 100ml x 12's 15899 12899 17599 Colgate Triple Action- Colgate ple MUM Action Mum Roll on 50ml x 6's adidas LISTERINE FOLL Girl-Friend 250ml 3799 500ml 5399 1375 Addidas Axe Deo Roll on 150ml x 6's 50ml x 6's 12599 969 99 EAD PLAYBOY sue di 3199 EAD Spray/ Body Lotion/ Serum/ Body Butter Each 3599 Playboy Shower Elizabeth Anne's 325ml 1649 450ml 24.99 Gentle Magic magic Gentle magic THE SKINCARE SOAP Johnson's Lotion 125ml x 6's PLAYBOY Play Girl/ Play Boy Lotion/Cream 400ml 13599 Johnson's Baby Oil 50ml 13 99 125ml 31 99 300ml 3999 Soap 100g x 6's 99 5399 529 Cream 50ml x 6's Serum 50ml x 6's 99 7199 110⁹⁹ Satiskin Shower Nugget Gel Gel 400ml 3599 400ml 3599 Nugget Shoe Polish 50ml x 12's In Store Promotion 100ml x 12's In Store Promotion Aquafresh Mouth Wash Colgate Toothpaste Sensodyne Toothpaste APOLLO AXE Fresh n Minty 500ml 50ml x 12's 100ml x 12's 3899 1329920499 Intense Mint 500ml 75ml 4099 Colgate Main SENSODYNE Maxam Protection SENSODYNE Fresh M 4799 Colgate Dream Girl/ PLAYBOY Play Girl Deo 90ml Follow me Perfume 25ml Shield LULU LULU Perfume 65ml 1649 FOREVEM ANDY Gold Series Perfumes 100ml 3899 PlayBoy/ Axe Play Girl Deo Roll on NEW 150ml x 6's 50ml x 6'8 14699 8399 99 - Shower To Shower Roll On Women 50ml x 6's Shower Shover MEN 85 99 Beverly Hills Revange/ Moon Flower Perfume 100ml 22 99 Play Boy Deo 150ml x 6's 14999 Gold Series Deo 90ml S ග 2299 Nivea Roll on 50ml x 6's 15199 NIVEA NIVEA MEN Nivea Deo Brut Roll on BRUT FRESH 150ml x 6's 50ml x 6's ACTIVE COOL KICK 21499 10899 BRUT Shield Deo Brut Deo 120ml x 6's 150ml x 6's 15199 14099 Shield Shield Roll on 50ml x 6's Selected Variants 98 99 Roll on Deodorant 150ml x 6's 50ml x 6's 14999 7999 E.&O.E| We reserve the right to limit quantities | All prices are inclusive of VAT I Subject to availability of stocks | While stocks last I Cash pickup only 4899 Clere ACTIVE 64.99 In Store Promotion 6999 PLAYBOY PLAN 2399

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