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P Taking the Lead! ADVANCE CASH & CARRY Surf Surf Washing Powder 300g x 6's Ariel Washing Powder NEW COLOUR PROTECT 1.8kg 74.99 2.7kg 1.5kg 15699 ARIEColour 500g x 6's 7299 11899 Britewash Green Bar 1kg x 24's 359 99 Brite Wash PURE SOAP 24 x 1 Kg BARS UNWRAPPED 250g 500g 499 999 Cnr Moot Street & Es'kia Mphahlele Dr, Hermanstad, Pretoria Tel: 087 095 7076,012 379 6050 Monday 1st April until Sunday 7th April 2024 Download on the App Store GET IT ON Google Play Download Our App to get our Weekly Promotion TRADERS PROMOTION - SHRINKS & CASES ONLY - UNIT PRICE WHEN BOUGHT IN BULK QUICK SERVICE, CALL US TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. 1kg x 9's Sunlight Washing Powder 2kg 4750 29999 3kg 2kg 6199 99 7399 5099 600g x 6's 1kg x 9's 3kg 5kg 10199 25999 8199 12899 ADVANCE CASH & CARRY Elangeni Green Bar 1kg x 24's 500g x 48's Exello Washing Powder Exello 3kg 1kg 1999 2kg 5999 3799 Waves Green Bar Sunlight 300g x 6's 6199 600g x 6's 10599 Exceed Washing Powder 2kg Exesed 31 99 WASHING POWDER Britelite Green Bar 3kg 52 99 42999 42999 1kg x 24's 36999 1kg x 24's 37999 ELANGENT GREEN BAR UNWRAPPED 24 x 1 kg WHEN PACKED 250g 500g Daily Laundry Soap Rave Laundry Soap 575 1130 Rave DAILY 2Lt 750ml 1299 WAVES BB 06:00 A ADVANCE CASH & CARRY Maq Cream/ Bleach MA MAQ AQ 750ml Sta soft Sta Soft Fabric Softener 4799 Smart Save All Purpose Cleaner 750ml CHEMICO Smart Save Bleach Chemico Cream House Hold Cleaner 750ml ANDY cream LIQUI CLEEN 1199 3x 2799 Refill HANDY 1799 Handy Andy Cream 500ml 1799 750ml x 5's 11999 Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid 400ml x 6's 11299 Sunlight 750ml x 5's 1.5Lnlight In Store 14599 Promotion Surf Dish Washing Liquid 905 750ml x 5's 11299 1.5L 2699 400ml 1650 750ml 24.99 Jewel Floor Polish 400ml x 6's Jewel Brilliantly wel ADVANCE CASH & CARRY cobra -WAX POLISH Brite Elle PURE SOAP 24 x 1Kg (Unwrapped) Maq Washing Powder 2kg x 8's 1kg x 12's MA43999 35999 WASHING POW SUPER STAIN BUSTING 2 kg 3kg 5kg 150g x 60's of 30 Hands In Store Promotion 250g x 5's Omo Washing Powder 3kg 2kg 300g x 6's 8599 5999 64.99 OMUT 4799 500g x 6's hand 8499 14299 10899 Reef Reef Washing 2in1 Washing Powder Powder 2kg 2kg 4699 500 g 500 g Sunlight AUTO Sunlight Auto Washing Powder 1kg x 9's 2kg x 9's 55999 3kg x 6's 53400 4kg 32899 10399 Sunlight Laundry Soap 500g x 42's Sunlight 78999 250g x 84's 125g x 144's Sunlight 83999 78999 Personal Touch Sta Soft Fabric Softener Fabric Softener 500ml James Personal TOUCH 1799 Domestos 500ml 2799 Sunlight REFILL Jik Bleach 500ml x 6's Bleach JK JIK 7699 750ml 2699 Smart Save Dish Washing 750ml x 6's unlight Fabric Softener 2Lt 3799 500ml 1950 5kg 1kg x 9's 600g x 6's 1459 32499 12399 MAQ AUTO ADVANCED CLEANING 2kg| Maq Auto Washing Powder 2kg X 8's 48999 Omo Auto Washing Powder OMO auto Maq Laundry Soap MA 125g Sold out 2kg 83 99 3kg x 6's 679 99 4kg 13799 250g 500g x 36's Sold out 52999 Personal Touch Fabric Softener 2Lt Personal TOUCH 24.99 MAQ STRONG ON Maq Fabric Softener 2Lt 3499 500ml 21 99 Jeyes Fluid 125ml 1250 250ml Omo JEYES FLUID JIK OMO Bleach 1.5L BLEACH 750ml 1899 DISINFECTANT &CLEANSER 3399 9499 2999 Viva Liquid 750ml MAQ Dish Washing Thunder Liquid 750ml Liquid THUNDER VIVA VIVA 750ml 1199 2399 1599 Thunder Pine Gel Smart Save Pine Gel Buy 5L & Get 500ml Brush Free 500ml THUNDER PINE GEL 1199 8 99 1L SmartSave 1Lt So Balle PINEGEL 169⁹ 99 PINE GEL MAQ 25 99 500ml Maq Dish Washing Liquid 200ml x 6's 750ml x 5's 4999 400ml x 6's In Store Promotion 5Lt 8999 13999 So Brite Pine Gel 500ml 2Lt 1299 3299 1Lt Taking the Lad 5Lt ADVANCE CASH & CARRY 1799 7999 Muscle Mr Muscle Tile Cleaner 750ml 3699 CHEMICO GRANULAR DRAIN CLEEN Chemico Drain Cleen Granular 250g 5499 Jewel 11999 Raid Raid Insect Killer 300ml 24.99 Doom Blue Death 100g x 10's OUT OF STOCK 500g x 6's OUT OF Mortein CRAWLING Mortein Insect Killer 300ml x 6's 14399 DOOM STOCK M Min Mr Min Multi Surface Cleaner 300ml 29 99 SUNBEAM FONDERSHINE DYROACH pledge MODERN Sunbeam/ Cobra Floor Polish 350ml DUCK Duck 500ml 2799 Dyroach Insect Killer 180ml x 6's 17299 FAST 300ml x 6's 21499 Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner 300ml 2899 KILL 1950 Fast Kill Insect Killer 300ml x 6's 14899 180ml x 6's 104.99 Airoma Air Freshener 210ml x 6's 93 99 HARPIC DOOM Super 50% MORE 14 99 2L 2799 Harpic Cleaning Gel Selected Variants 500ml 24.99 Doom Insect Killer 180ml x 6's Windolene Glass Cleaner Trigger 750ml 3999 RATTEX Rattex DOOM 11899 300ml x 6's Pellets DEADLY Doom Mosquito Coil TARGET Mortein 10's Mosquito 5's 18299 Air wick Air Freshener 280ml 2299 pellets KILLS RATS & MICE Out of Stock 5-1 Glade Secrets Air Freshener 180ml x 6's 8999 Debello Rat Glue 1 Tube 5899 2479 Debello Rats and mice glue 10 Moth-ex NAPHTHALENE MARSL Mortein Mosquito Coil 10's x 6's 5999 Mothex Mothballs 200g 35.99 E.&O.EI We reserve the right to limit quantities | All prices are inclusive of VAT I Subject to availability of stocks I While stocks last I Cash pickup only

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